Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Been without computer time this weekend. Our main computer is acting up, the new one isn't here yet.

We went to Easter Brunch today at a German restaurant. It was good but the best part was no cooking for me! Son has been enjoying his Easter basket and the goodies in it all day.

I saw an article in the newspaper about confetti eggs that brought back memories. The school Son used to attend in earlier days had a family festival every year. The Mexican custom calls for hollowed-out eggs to be stuffed with confetti. The Spanish word is cascarones. The person with the egg in hand smashes it on the head of someone else. With love, of course. In the old world custom, the confetti represents the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It symbolizes new birth, new life and new opportunity. Kinda like pinatas without the blindfold and stick. These confetti eggs, as we called them, were the most popular item at the school festival. Nothing like smashing your friends with egg shells and confetti.

Cindy Sheehan and posse are back in Crawford this weekend. President Bush is at Camp David. Fourteen were arrested Friday evening. Not Cindy, though. She has risen above the standing in the ditch level and now camps out on private property provided by a supporter.

Remember the young man who stole the school bus in New Orleans and drove 60 people to Houston to evacuate Hurricane Katrina? He was lauded as a hero, even made the Oprah show. Well, apparently he went back to New Orleans even though he had FEMA provided housing here. He was arrested after being charged by a grand jury for trafficking cocaine and heroin and possession of a gun while dealing guns. This young man, Jabar Gibson, who is 21 years old, was offered a movie deal and had coast to coast media attention after the evacuation. It's a shame he made the wrong choice.

"Failure is a stepping-stone to greatness." - Oprah Winfrey


Alabama said...

Happy Easter to you too. The confetti eggs sound like a great idea, perhaps I will remember this for next year.

aka_Meritt said...

I did confetti eggs for my kids a few years ago and then spread the idea to my SIL and nephews. What I 'didn't' plan on was my hellion nephews taking the fun out of it by literally slamming them on each other heads... hard. It was just an excuse to hit each other. Sigh.

Yeah... that's my nephews. Ummm, we don't see each other at Easter anymore. LOL.

srp said...

You will have to give a step by step instruction on how to make these. Sounds like something best done outside.