Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Still winging it with husband's IBM notebook as he is still getting the new computer going. All the stuff must be transferred and all that. The new one is all turboed up, of course so I am anxious to give it a test drive.

We enjoyed watching the Part Two of "Elizabeth II" on HBO the other night. Really good. Helen Mirren is such a talented actress.

Twelve illegal immigrants were arrested yesterday after police responded to a call about gunshots fired. Turns out it was two smugglers firing on each other during a quarrel. Three women and a six year old boy were among those taken in by the police. Just a square in the quilt that is life in Houston.

Mary McCarthy, the now former CIA employee who confessed to leaking top secret info to reporters, one of whom received a Pulitizer Prize for the treasonous act, is now denying she is guilty. She failed more than one polygraph, and admitted to what she did so she was fired. That pesky oath she signed upon going to work for the CIA mustn't get in the way of political derangement.

Ms. McCarthy gave $2,000 to the John Kerry for President campaign, and has given over $8,000 to the Democratic National Committee. Hmmm.

Newspapers such as the Washington Post are heralding Ms. McCarthy for providing a "good leak" yet were the first to roundly criticize a 50 year veteran of the journalistic world Robert Novak when it was assumed he was the leak for the whole Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson drama. It has since been determined that Ms. Plame was not undercover and Mr. Wilson has been completely discredited in all camps, including bi-partisan commissions. Dana Priest and James Risen are heroes yet Robert Novak is lower than low. Hmmm.

Tony Snow is announced as the new Press Secretary and is criticized for having been associated with Fox News. Nevermind he is a veteran of more than 25 years in print, radio and tv journalism. He worked in the first Bush White House as a speechwriter. Yet we didn't hear much when George Stephanopolous received his own Sunday morning show with ABC News after leaving his Director of Communications position with the Clinton administration. And he had absolutely no previous experience in the biz. Hmmm.

Interesting times.

"I'm a fool for love, a hopeless fool." - Elizabeth I


srp said...

Let's hope Snow puts the White House press corp in their place. Kicks a few out perhaps.

AC said...

I hope Tony Snow's health can weather the unbearable annoying types that people the press corps. I guess I'd have to say I was a little surprised that he took the job but I do enjoy him and his demeanor should make it fun to watch.