Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This morning's brew: Community Coffee's Cafe Special. Served with International Delight's Toasted Almond. Now we're talking.

Yesterday I completed the interview for Basil's Blog. It was fun and thought provoking! I didn't think too long on answers as I wanted it to be conversational, not like a speech. Glad I did it. It should be posted on www.basilsblog.net this weekend. Check it out. Thanks to those posing questions. You should think about doing it, I'd ask a question or two for you.

Houston had rolling black-outs yesterday with our electrical power. Ours occured at afternoon traffic rush, about 4:45 and I was taking son to a 5:00 doctor's appt. I love it when traffic lights are out on busy intersections. And also when I have to climb up to the 3rd floor using the stairs instead of the elevators, in the dark. The power came on not long after we were seated in the waiting room. Thank goodness. I would have been bored silly if I couldn't read while I waited for him.

Did I mention it is in the 90's here? It's only April. It was 100 in Dallas yesterday. Crazy.

For the previously mentioned confetti eggs from Easter, all you have to do to make them yourself is to hollow out raw eggs by making a hole in both ends of the egg. Blow out the egg itself. Try not to make the holes any bigger than you must. Wash, dry, then fill with confetti. Presto, confetti eggs. Definately an outdoors activity!

Waiting to hear if hubby is going out into the Gulf tomorrow or the next day. I'm watching a shopping channel selling scrapbooking supplies. I have been collecting stuff and intend to make this the year I begin doing it myself.

Jane Fonda has decided to take a pass on doing a tour of the country with her anti-war speeches. She decided she has too much baggage from her previous days and that Cindy Sheehan is a better person to do it. Yeah, ok. That karma thing is a bear, isn't it.

Son just called, no art class after school so I better get moving to pick him up at regular time. I have been enjoying the quiet.

"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries." - Corita Kent


AC said...

I can't imagine the backup in Houston without traffic lights! Years ago on a family vacation there my dad got confused/lost there and I learned some mighty powerful swear words. Even then there was lots of traffic.

I saw the temperatures in your area! Yeecchh. Too early. Here too. I gave in and turned on the air conditioner even though my internal miser says "no AC until May". The internal miser is in danger of being replaced by my hormonal muse. Her name is OrElse. Like in "make me not hot, or else"

Thanks for the opinion on the girl's parking ticket. I'm thinking I too just can't stand to see any more money wasted but I am a little miffed. I don't think I was as successful as I should have been about teaching the value of money.

I'll be sure to check out basil's blog.

Sheri & SuZan said...

Yeah, the black-out hit us at about 4:00. Yuck! No a/c for 50 minutes. When the lights finally came on, the 2nd story clocked in at 81.

srp said...

Down there you really have to watch those black outs. We had one in Oklahoma one summer. It was 107 in the shade and the power went off. It was off for an hour or so and when it came back on the surge literally exploded my air conditioner compresser. Apparently the heat built up inside the compressor after the power went out and then exploded. Should have turned the AC off when the power went out. Oh, well. Learn something new every day.

Jennifer said...

And it's only April.


I can't wait to read your interview. I did *my* part. :-)

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