Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thoughts All Around

Our new computer may be delivered by Saturday. Now, if only husband was home to install it al. Son is going to open it up and make sure everything passes inspection. He may do some installation himself. We'll see how it goes.

Hubby has gone to south Louisiana to get out to the Gulf. Not sure how long as he has two oil drilling rigs to attend to this trip.

I watched the welcoming ceremony at the White House for the Chinese President Hu and his wife this morning. Two protesters were taken out during Hu's remarks. The cameras didn't show the first, a man, but they zeroed in on the second, a Chinese woman shouting at Hu, in Chinese, and was there in the crowd with a press pass. She was shouting about the abuses of the Falun Gong and human right abuse. The contrast being if she had done this in China, the outcome would have been different than just being taken out by the Secret Service agents. She'd be held for much more severe punishment there, probably death by tortue.

Hu's arrival today in Washington, D.C. comes on the heels of a visit to Washington state and a big welcome from the captains of industry. Bill Gates, Boeing, the politicians of Washington state giving Hu the big high five. Nevermind China takes the technology, prosecutes Chinese via Yahoo cooperation, and enriches their military on the backs of exploited workers in manufacturing plants all in the praises of "global unity". Bill Gates, critic of our military actions and policies but a-ok with his buds in China.

I am fascinated with reading biographies. People interest me, the decisions made, paths taken. Last night I was watching an interview with Barbara Bush. What a life she has lead. I wonder how she and former President Bush feel about the Chinese leadership today as they were living in China many years ago when former President Bush was an ambassador there.

Back when Katrina evacuees were taken to the Astrodome and were visited by every famous person known to man for the purpose of the photo op, rarely for compassion, she and the former president visited several times. During one of the visits she was roundly criticized for a remark she made that the evacuees were better off than they ever were in New Orleans. What the critics didn't understand by the remark was she was speaking to the opportunities that are now presented to the former residents of the projects of New Orleans. Not that they were so well off in the Astrodome, which was implied by the narrow minds of critics. Last week buses were provided to transport voters to polling places in Louisiana for the mayorial race in New Orleans. Those travelling from here were taken to the Lake Charles area to vote. Many are doing so using absentee ballots.

The evacuees living here in Houston have been provided with 12 months of free rent and utilities by the City of Houston. FEMA is to reimburse the city. Those who are waiting for every available penny to be used up before going out and taking charge of their lives will no doubt be planning on continuing the cycle of dependence and demand arrangements be made for their benefit. Many have taken the opportunities offered and gotten jobs, acquired housing and put their children in school. They have been quoted in the local press as stating they have no intention of going back to New Orleans where so many had no opportunities and living in poverty to be exploited by politicians there.

That's what Barbara Bush was talking about.

Bill Cosby was really the only celeb to come to talk to the evacuees while they were in the Astrodome without fanfare or entourage. Or local press coverage. I would not have known he was here if it hadn't been for a radio station I was listening to with a caller who had been there to see the visit. He went out into the crowd riding a golf cart accompanied by a local police officer and used a microphone to speak to the people. He talked of getting over any thoughts of living as a victim, of taking the opportunities presented whether it was a job or going back to school. He spoke of the fact that this is their chance for a better life than they ever imagined in New Orleans.

Same thing as Mrs. Bush. Truth is powerful stuff. Especially when you are not worried about political correctness, just the people.

The most absurd quote of the week:
"The hurricane season starts June 1st. Do you want experienced leadership, or do you want to experiment at this critical time?" - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, making a plea for re-election.


srp said...

I think Nagin better come up with a better slogan. Waahahahahahha!

My brother met Barbara Bush backstage in Washington when he performed with Phantom of the Opera there at Kennedy Center. He said she is warm and gracious and took time to talk personally with all the cast. He said he would vote for her for president in a heartbeat.

AC said...

Before I can get to all the agreements I have with your post, I have to quit laughing over Nagin's slogan! That is just too much and proves that truth is stranger than fiction any day. That is truly one for the blooper books, except he means it.

I thought that Ted Kennedy's children's book with a loyal dog named "Splash" was a joke too but today in my Borders Books email they were pushing it and that is the name. Splash.

I have a new respect for Bill Cosby. He has taken a raft of you-know-what for his opinions. Plus I'll never forget "To Russell, my brother whom I slept with"...and the story of the Jello sheriff.

Great post. I really enjoy coming by every day. Good luck with the new computer. Your son will probably have it soaring before the box falls to the floor.

Jennifer said...

I read today that FEMA is trying to get Mississippi residents to return $4.7 million in funds FEMA themselves improperly distributed.

And I thought to myself, "Good luck with that."

Barbara Bush is one amazing woman. Everytime I see her speak, I'm struck by her fiesty honesty and realness. I adore her.