Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blown Away

Today is blustery. The wind is fierce and a cold snap is promised. Again. We'll see if it comes to fruition this time. Max, the dog, loves the wind. He stands outside and sniffs to his heart's content. There are all kinds of scents in the air for a curious canine's snout.

Our son signed up for a French competition yesterday, which surprised me a bit. He will compete in March and will do so by reciting a poem, en francaise, that has been memorized. Then later in the day he tells me his English teacher from last year asked him to participate in a UIL competition in English later this year. He agreed so I congratulated him on taking on extra work. More stuff for the resume for applying to colleges next fall.

Our Houston Chronicle newsrag shows it level of accuracy once again. Saturday brought a parade downtown in honor of Veteran's Day. The Chronicle did a story and stated the crowd was about 1,000. Well, the police department estimates the crowd to have been 75,000. Makes a person wonder if anyone actually bothered to go to the event and look around.

The silence is deafening, isn't it, about the outcomes of close races in the country? Where's all the usual outrage of late about "disenfranchised" voters, rigged voting machines, police patrol cars too close to polling sites? Oh, that's right, that only happens when Republicans win big.

From an article in the Washington Post by Ellen Knickmeyer:
At Saddam's sentencing, at least 6 guards surrounded former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark, one of the defense lawyers, and hustled him out of the courtroom.
"Get him out! Get him out!" Chief Judge Abdul Rahman shouted in English, outraged at a court filing submitted by Clark that apparently referred to the trial as a travesty.
"He's coming from America to insult the Iraqi people and the court," the judge added in Arabic.

Ramsey Clark, still making us proud. Hey, I understand George McGovern is being brought in to advise the Dems on what their Iraq plans should be, I'm sure he'll save a seat at the conference table for Ramsey.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the boy! I'm thinking the colleges will come begging for your son.

Ramsey Clark, McGovern, its like a geriatric concert and I've heard IT ALL before and don't want to see those skinny legs in tights any more.

srp said...

I am most proud of the grace and honor with which the losing Republican candidates handled themselves. The Democrats could learn something... they better learn something... two years of stupid governing or no governing will again turn the tide... that is if the US is still around by then.

aka_Meritt said...

I love when teens take on 'extra' challenges like that. BabyGirl is in French too but I doubt fluent enough to take on a contest. :)

colleenR said...

I can understand your comment about Ramsey Clark but George McGovern? He's a totally descent guy all the way around. I have read some articles on voting disenfranchisment but it happened in mostly Democratic places. In Virginia there was a phone call made to some...your voting place has been changed and if you go to the polls there criminal charges will be made.

colleenR said... I just came across this from the NY Times on voting discrepencies.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you'veheard already that Hoyer was chosen over Murtha. The Pelosi wince was felt round the world. I think that vote tells us something very interesting.

I read that article mentioned above and then googled since I was unfamiliar with the site. These Folks would have us take reporting from truthout with a grain of salt at best. I'll have to read further both places.

Jennifer said...

The silence is rather deafening. But not surprising.

How cool of your son to take such a challenge on! If only mine had 1/18th of his motivation, I imagine life today would be vastly different.