Monday, April 23, 2007

Fresh Air

Showing the quiet dignity and grace we have come to expect of her, First Lady Laura Bush visited the city of New Orleans last week. It was her 17th visit to the city since Hurricane Katrina. Did you know she had been there so often in the past months? No, of course you didn't as is her nature.

The Laura Bush Foundation has been a sponsor of the Gulf Coast School Library Recovery Initiative. Her foundation has contributed to 54 schools, providing books for libraries.

According to studies, it takes $50,000 to stock an elementary school library and about $100,000 for a high school library.

In her talks with the young people around the country, she challenges them to come and make a career of teaching in New Orleans. Teach for America will designate 100 new teachers for New Orleans next year.

She is such a breath of fresh air. She shows a true love of children and of learning. When she says it's for the children, it is sincere. She's not looking for political points down the road.


Beverly said...

Yes, indeed, she is a breath of fresh air. We don't hear about her good deeds, as you said, but some people don't do things to be seen of others.

srp said...

Laura Bush is one of the two greatest first ladies ever... the other being her mother-in-law Barbara. Others such as Hilary, Theresa Heinz-Kerry and Mrs. Obama should take notes... I guess it is too late for Hilary who was a loud mouthed, foul tongued First Lady... in fact, I wouldn't grace her with the term "lady". Even Jackie Kennedy in all her demure refinement was devious behind the scenes.