Monday, April 02, 2007

Nothin' But Blue Skies Do I See

OK, it's cloudy here with a promising chance of rain, but a girl can hope.

Opening Day here - Go Astros!

Sunset tonight - Happy Passover.

Did you see the photo of the chocolate Jesus on display as 'art' on this, the Holy Week for Christians? Nice. I guess if we were the more obnoxious or dangerous Muslims, we'd be issuing death threats to the artist.

Rather than stay and work out the funding for the troops situation, the congress has set out on their 2 week Spring Break. Since Grandma MiMi went off to her excellent adventure to the Middle East, including a stop in Syria despite the White House asking her not to, she admits the House doesn't have the votes to override a presidential veto of her pork laden, bribery to the hilt, 'emergency' appropriations bill for the troops. She's leavin' on a jet plane...

But, remember, the Democrat lead congress is harder working and ending the earmarks.

Once again, still, political party over country. It would be refreshing to have the parties united against the enemy, who, by the way, is not the president. All those nonsensical people saying we've lost credibility in the world? When did we have it? We have always been mocked, feared, envied, and scorned. Until foreign countries need help. Then, who is asked to come forward?

Those blaming our country and siding with ruthless dictators and religious zealots wanting their own world dominance are foolish and short-sighted. They will be shamed by history.

When will CNN try to regain credibility and fire Michael Ware? They probably won't since I'm certain the higher ups agree with his reporting. He refers to the war as "Bush's War", he heckles Senator McCain at a press conference during his last visit to Baghdad this past weekend, and he phones in to the Bill Maher show talking about how he stays drunk in Iraq. He roots for failure in the middle east and is truly outraged when anything other than his talking points comes out. Yeah, he's quite a winner. And so professional.

He makes the reporting of Richard Engel look fair. Time to tell Ware to bugger off.

Speaking of petty and unprofessional, Senator John Kerry put a hold on the nomination of Mr. Sam Fox, of St. Louis, to be ambassador to Belgium. The White House has pulled the nomination as they realize it is a losing battle. Mr. Fox is a 77 year old businessman who contributed to the Swift Boat Vets in the last election against Kerry. So, even though Kerry lost by more than 3 million votes and can't accept that he isn't in the Oval Office, he refuses to move on. He made a spectacle of himself in the C-Span coverage of the committee questioning of Mr. Fox not long ago. I watched in amazement as Kerry went on and on, lecturing this man about political donations, as if it were not his right to support the candidate of his choice, as if the president wasn't like every other president and nominating generous supporters to ambassadorships. Never mind anything else, it's all about John Kerry.

Several months ago I blogged about the corrupt dealings of Senator Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, profiting mightily from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while she publicly denounces our war efforts. Feinstein has finally resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, where she was chairperson and ranking member over the last 6 years. Her hubby owns two major defense contractors and they have been awarded billions of dollars in projects all approved by Dianne. What's been reported is that Feinstein has enjoyed all her travel junkets to military bases around the world, many with hubby's projects ongoing. She enjoys the micromanagement of them.

What isn't reported much is that Feinstein's committee, was tasked with overseeing quality of life issues for veterans, like housing for military families and operating hospitals and clinics for the wounded also as a mandate. Maybe it was just getting a little too difficult to feign distress over conditions at Walter Reed, as if it's all a shocking surprise to her. As if it's all GW Bush's fault. Again, party is put before country in today's Democrat world.


Paul is a Hermit said...

We have always been mocked, feared, envied, and scorned. Until foreign countries need help. Then, who is asked to come forward?

Which is why the whole world is running around like the Three Stooges in a panic waiting for us to commit American blood into halting the genocide in Darfur, or Sudan - you know, that area.
They cannot do a single thing by themselves and we practically can't either, thanks to our Democrats. I should add, and those who elected them because like it or not, some Americans did.

Sen. Kerry is(expletives deleted).

Beverly said...

Houston must not be very good this year. Pittsburgh won both games. My daughter has loved the Astros for years. She adored Craig and Jeff.

Thanks again for your posts. You keep me up to date.

AC said...

I had completely missed knowing Feinstein's committee oversees the military hospitals, etc. How could that have happened, I wonder?!?

Did you see that England is opting in several schools to leave out the facts of the Holocaust as it offends some Holocaust-deniers and Muslims? Can you believe that?

srp said...

Funny how there hasn't been any of the details or news about Feinstein in the mainstream media.... that doesn't surprise me at all.

We live in a frightening world. I'm not sure that I would have children if I were starting out today. The world has changed so much so quickly and not in a good way.