Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Am I the only person left in America that does not, repeat, does not care one whip about Don Imus and his disgusting remarks about the Rutgers women basketball players? Imus has been doing his shtick on radio for 30 years now and he is disgusting about everyone. Now we have everyone and his brother telling how Imus must be fired.

Answer me this, Batman. Who died and made Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the official voices of all black Americans? Do all black Americans think alike? As long as Sharpton and Jackson perpetuate the myth of victimhood on the black community, these charlatans with continue to make a living off it. Those living in glass houses should not throw stones. Sharpton and Jackson are some of the most racist of Americans. Sharpton has the legacy of the Twana Brawley episode, as well as calling Jews the 'diamond hunters' and bragging about spitting in white peoples' food when he was a waiter. Jackson said he'd give a scholarship to college for the nasty hooker/exotic dancer who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse players of rape. Now that the charges are being dropped, finally, where is the statement of apology from Jackson? Those three young men have been scarred for life but somehow they deserved it? What was their crime? When did a bad decision, like drinking and hiring hookers to come to an off campus college party, become worthy of false rape accusations? Nifong, riding his own racist behavior of playing the race card solely to get re-elected, comes off the worst in the rape case that isn't. He is the lowest of the low, a political bottom feeder. He should be disbarred. He is the one who should be fired.

Imus apologized. He's doing the media tour to apologize. He's been suspended for two weeks. Sponsors are cancelling advertising on his show. He is no worse than a lot of 'entertainment' going on out there. Doesn't make it right but it is his exercising free speech, isn't it?

People say outrageous statements every day on air. Are they all to be fired? No. Let the free market handle it. Contact sponsors of those who are offensive to you and voice your opinion.

And exactly who gets to decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable?

I do. It's the American way. I'm the American consumer.

And speaking of offensive, how about those Democrats refusing to debate on the Fox News network? The Black caucus worked out a deal, as they did in 2004 when all the Dems agreed to participate in the debate in Baltimore, with a format of a panel of three asking questions of the candidates. The panelists are not Fox personalities. Don't be afraid, I say. First Edwards said no, as he did in Nevada, under pressure from his friends at and the cool Hollywood kids. Then it was Obama, not wanting to be out of step with Edwards. Then Hillary, as she is a good little follower. So, there we are.

The interesting thing is that the audience of Fox News is about 50% comprised of Dems and Independents. They forget the moonbats vote in the primaries but the big draw in the national election is the vote of Independents. No one is elected without the Independent vote and those crossing party lines. I guess they'll find out the hard way. And, Obama, who wanted to raise the tone, reach out to everyone, Mr. Touchy-Feely. I guess not so much after all.

How are any of these three to be considered a potential leader of the American people if they can't handle going to participate in a debate co-sponsored by Fox News? Will they only consider themselves president of the far left in this country and the rest of the population is on their own? And, what does it say about CNN, where they have agreed to participate?

Oh yeah, never mind.


Paul is a Hermit said...

At the risk of being tagged a non-thinking American, all I can really say is that I agree with you to a word.
Both named black, self-proclaimed leaders, especially Sharpton, are huge racists and sexists - they don't mind women being degraded. Neither would be anything, without the liberal media and the atmosphere of fear they impose on politicians, not just Democrats either.

I can't stand Imus and I wanted him gone years ago but I say speak your mind and we will each decide what you are.
No one speaks for me.

As someone pointed out to me, Howard Stern is making millions saying what Imus said every day.

Wordnerd said...

Isn't it funny how they want Imus burned at the stake, while Bill Maher can make the most awful comments in the name of free speech?

srp said...

I find Rosie offensive and hurtful and just plain dumb... just like Imus. I don't hear any liberals calling for her firing.

Did you hear the two black rappers and Snoop Dogs comments on the news..... Basically they said that it was fine to call women whores and other derogatory words... if it is "within their own community". Outsiders like Imus, no but black rappers can call black women whores? Black women need to pound some male black heads together and demand respect from them! Unbelievable!

Jo said...

You're not alone in this. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would better spend their time going after what their own ilk do against women before going after Imus.

Beverly said...

Ditto to all the above comments and your post.

aka_Meritt said...

Of course now, he's been fired.

AC said...

Didn't Sharpton say some terrible stuff about the innocent Duke Lacrosse players too? Is he going to apologize now? HMMMM? The rap industry is sooo degrading and the lyrics so disgusting, yet the rappers make millions saying much worse than what Imus said. You are right, where is the black woman's outrage! at them????

H Stern is much worse and if you don't remember to program your tv to skip the simulcasting channel you can see some pretty bizarre and offensive stuff by accident. (My tv skips that one, and all the music video channels).

Imus has groveled and apologized at every demand to yet his apologies are not accepted. Maybe if he had said, "If you were offended, I am sorry", you know, "its really your problem" like the libs do. That kind of apology you can sti........

A whole lot of people really tick me off. Bottom Feeders! for sure!