Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Like everyone, I have some superstitions. Friday the 13th isn't one of them. Just another day. I choose to be happy it's Friday.

I've had Senator John McCain on my mind this week. It started with the 60 Minutes failed hit piece on him by 'reporter' Scott Pelley. I tuned in to watch the show long enough to see the interview with McCain. The only way I view the show anymore is for specific segments. There is no way I will subject myself to an entire show these days.

Pelley was speaking to McCain about the war in Iraq. The line of distinction between the media types and those who love their country and its freedom could not have been clearer. Yes, McCain has the audacity to love his country. His father loved his country and served it, too. And now McCain's sons, two of them, are in the military, too. Imagine that.

Pelley, much to my disgust, asked McCain, "Your son Jimmy volunteered to serve. Why?"
McCain responded, "Cause he's a fine, he's a patriotic American." Pelley: "Did you try to talk him out of it?" McCain answered: "No." He went on to say he doesn't make a habit of talking about his children and that they are no different than thousands of other young people in America.

Note to Pelley: All of the members in the military now, since the dismemberment of the draft in 1970's, are volunteers. The difference is, now, though, since September 11, 2001, young people are signing up out of a sense of duty to country, not just for the benefits like education and medical care provided by the government. Or, joining the Reserves for weekend warrior adventures and a little extra money in the bank.

John McCain is a national hero, a former POW in Hanoi for 5 years, remaining with his fellow POW's after he was offered early release when his captors discovered him to be the son of a military officer. And, no, his time as a POW definitely did not fall within the boundaries of the Geneva Conventions. He is more than well-qualified to speak about war and peace. His son, Jimmy, is on his way to Iraq. He has another son at the Naval Academy.

So much for Charlie Rangel's racist, class warfare stance that we need to call back the draft for the military because if politicians had children in the war, well, we wouldn't be in a war. What an idiot. Duncan Hunter, also running for president, is a former Marine and his son is on his way back to Iraq shortly, for the third tour of duty there. There are others.

The 60 Minutes nonsense was Sunday night. Wednesday brought McCain to the Virginia Military Institute to present a speech with his idea on how the war in Iraq can be successful. He is fully in support of seeing the surge through and letting the military do the job. This means, too, that he speaks of the integrity of the steadfastness of President Bush as we are a nation at war. The nerve of him, huh. He is a rare breed in Washington. McCain goes with what he thinks is right, not what today's poll results show. He supports the war, not just in the successful times. Like when the path to Baghdad was made in record time, one week's time. Like when the military was welcomed as liberators by the people in Iraq. Like when the people of Iraq showed their strongest sign of insult, the slapping of their shoes on pictures of Saddam, like when the statue of Saddam was brought down. Like when Saddam was pulled from a hole in the ground and humanely examined and incarcerated.

Let's remember some of that, shall we?

In his speech, McCain said of the applause that broke out at the end of the vote passing, thanks to the loading up of pork bribery, by a mere 6 votes, with a date certain for withdrawal in Iraq," What were they celebrating? Defeat? Surrender?" Yes. Yes, they were. So beholden to a loud, obnoxious anti-American base of the Democrat party, they have no choice but to root for failure of their country in a war. They offer no solution, mind you, of what to do when the war is over and the troops are brought home.

Then what? Will the world be suddenly sunshine and lollipops? Everyone will 'like' us? As if they did before?

The applause, yes I was watching C-SPAN for the vote, brought back the image of Hillary Clinton and her ilk wildly applauding and laughing it up over successfully blocking the legislation for Social Security reform. Really proud, she was. Sure, she's a millionaire with no particular need to worry about the little people and future Social Security payments.

I know the war is tough. Mistake after mistake has been made. I have a strange range of opinions on John McCain. Some days he's my hero. Some days I don't what to know him. I always have respect for him. If not for him, then who?

He's been correct in his assessment of the war planning and execution. It's a shame those higher up wouldn't understand his ideas. The price has been paid. We go from there.

I read blogs of Iraqis in country and this is a way of understanding the whole picture. The media in this country has proven themselves untrustworthy over and over again. Their agenda is crystal clear. A good example of a blog is Iraq the Model, written by two men, Omar and Mohammed. It's on my blogroll.

Think the war on terror is overblown? Think it is just a power grab by the neocons and the evil Halliburton? How terribly pre 9/11 of you. How'd that work out for you?

An American citizen, living in Ohio, was arrested just yesterday on charges of training and plotting with al-Qaeda to attack tourist spots in Europe and Federal buildings here in America.

Alert Scott Pelley.


Paul is a Hermit said...

That's a nice contrast between a Patriot and one who would never be.
Pelley will never find, in his life, anything worthy of backbone, when it involves risk to himself.
Pelley is certain that good people doing nothing will just as well ensure his life and happiness under any new management.
He is sure that, if his life and way of life fall into jeopardy that people willing to die and protect him will come from somewhere no matter how much he has vilified them.
He's a leech, sucking the blood of good people dry. He is a coward trying to prove he is not by attacking safe targets and strutting, preening before an audience of like-minded fools.

They may win as cowards sometime do and turn their fools into slaves. He will slither the backrooms among the slime in power to guarantee an exalted place for himself. He will never fight with his life as McCain did; and as he still would to his last breath.
I'm not even a McCain fan but have read his bravery for us, his loyalty to us, his refusal to cave and turn on us.

Pelley, Clinton, Wrangel, Leahy, Kennedy, on and on, are not much interested in defeating anyone, anywhere, except here, where the fighting is safe. For now.

aka_Meritt said...

Sometimes I read and don't comment because I have nothing to add or say. Most of the time I read your posts and smile.

Write On!

srp said...

The way the media is slanted and Hollywood is slanted and the Democrats are slanted... what conservative in their right mind would want to put themselves and their families through the ordeal of a campaign. How do you manage to develop that tough exterior that lets things roll off like water off a duck's back? The nastiness is so personal, how can you help but take it personally?