Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

Sheryl Crow tried a little stand up comedy and declared everyone should go to using only one square of paper in the bathroom. It wasn't taken as a joke, though, as she has been making a fool of herself lately, tagging along with Laurie David and all the cool kids out west. She's been shallacked by everyone for her silliness and now she says, hey, it was only a joke.

Was the line of clothing she was coming up with from the 'great' ideas her brother gave her a joke, too? For example, the 'dining sleeve' used instead of paper napkins. Not sanitary, not funny, just gross.

Laurie David is a zealot for the global warming crowd, involved in the production of Al Gore's powerpoint show which earned his Hollywood awards. She's a Hollywood multimillionare like the rest. They discover a cause to live for and go about demanding everyone follow their instructions. Problem is that they don't feel the need to take their own instructions. Another Gulfstream liberal. I read about her recently in a magazine article and was completely turned off by her aggressive behavior. She was actually bragging about tailgating SUV's in LA in her hybrid car and yelling at the driver at stoplights. How dare they drive a SUV.

Who in the world is she to lecture anyone?

Being entertainment business savvy, these two women went to the White House Coorespondents Dinner in D.C. on Saturday night. They deliberately stalked Karl Rove, rudely stated their position on their cause du jour, then, when he defended the administration's work on the issue and its scientists, they became more shrill and rude, with Crow jabbing Rove in the chest with her bony finger. When he tried to walk away, she grabbed his arm and told him he worked for her. This was all relayed by someone at the table, which was the New York Times table, by the way.

Then after they got the attention they came for, they rushed to the computer and blogged about how rude Rove was to them. How dare he.

How dare they. It was a ham handed publicity stunt.

This is why regular Americans do not take seriously people like this and their issues. No one respects boorish behavior and it is certainly not the way to get things done. All the zealots who demand compliance in the extreme before all the facts are in are just silly and deserve the ridicule. If you are demanding the stage for your voice, you should at least have all sides of the argument. Oh,yeah, wait. If you only go on the standard news outlets then you don't have to have but one view of an issue. As long as it is the fashionable liberal take on the issue, you're good as gold.

Scientists argue for both extremes of the global issue. Most are in the middle, as are the American people. Just 30 years ago when the first Earth Day was held, the common thought was that we were afraid of an ice age returning.

People like Al Gore are making money, quite handsomely, from inciting fear and worry to Americans. He is not a deep thinker, to say the least. He can get up there and point to his presentation and get all worked up like a preacher, even though he flunked out of Divinity School at Vanderbilt, the alma mater of his mother, and the far left laps it up.

Laurie David ain't doing so bad, herself.

Sheryl Crow is on a college tour now, in her biodiesal bus, spreading her thoughts on the global warming issue. She and David have the ever popular 'political advisors' like so many of the celebs employ. Crow told David they had to concentrate on the South, as that was the part of the country that needed the education the most.

How elitist of her. Stereotype, anyone?

According to the website, The Smoking Gun, Sheryl Crow is quite the energy hog as she tours the country. She has quite the carbon footprint with traveling with three tractor trailers, four buses, and six cars.

In her backstage demands, which all the entertainers have in their contracts to perform, she has some very specific liquor demands for herself and her entourage. She wants 12 bottles of Grolsch beer, 6 bottles of 'local' beer, and a bottle of a good Australian Cabernet and a good bottle of Merlot. Each day brings a different hard liquor request. Some days it's bourbon, some days it's vodka, and some days it's tequila.

Maybe she should sober up a bit.

Back in the 1980's I was very involved in the recycling efforts of an environmental group in the Louisiana city in which we lived. The city provided recycling bins to all homeowners and picked up recyclable waste once a week. We were tasked with trying to get this service on a parish (county) wide scale from just city wide. The rural areas were a tough sale, especially when they learned it would cost them money like all services do from government. I learned lots from the experience and the main lesson learned is how to approach people to get your message out.

Laurie David and Sheryl Crow have much to learn.


AC said...

I know I am shallow but when I first heard Sheryls toilet paper sermon, I immediately recalled the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine's restroom neighbor *couldn't spare a square*.

seawitch said...

Crow, Gore, and others like them are idiots. I do not believe in man-made weather change of any kind. It seems to be the highest sort of conceit.

However, I do believe each of us is responsible for taking care of our planet. By making less waste and by using our resources effiencently, each of us can do common sense things to help make our wolrd cleaner and better.

Things like turning lights off when leaving the room, turning off the water except to rinse when brushing teeth, not going higher the 60 mph, recycling, and other things you can do on a daily basis is more helpful than "one square".

srp said...

It must not have made much of a dent as I haven't heard it on the news. And the news is on here almost 24/7, much to my brother's dismay.

I have been busy with him and his house hunting itch as well as Nyssa and animals and the yard. He is winging his way to Vienna as I type.