Friday, April 27, 2007


I am struck by the abundance of silly behavior by people who should conduct themselves as adults. Maybe it's just me.

Yesterday's 'debate' of democrat candidates? I didn't tune in but I have read about it from different sources and seen a few clips on tv today. Wow. Who among those people inspires confidence? Nonsensical answers, dumbed down thoughts, pandering to the minority audience, and still acting as though George W. Bush is running again.

Note to all: let it go.

Now is the time each of these candidates should come forward with one or two big ideas. Whether it is domestic policy or foreign policy that they wish to concentrate on, get to it. More of the same is not going to get voters to the booth.

Hillary Clinton is just strange. She is still the front runner and I fully expect her to be the candidate nominated to run against whoever the Republicans end up with. I just find it sad that a woman her age, 60 years old, still doesn't know who she is. I was born under the astrological sign of Gemini so I understand having more than one personality to others, but, come on. She claims her fake southern accent, that she only trots out before predominantly black audiences, insulting as that should be to them, is a sign of her 'diversity of language'. Oh my Lord. She has been trying to please everyone for so long she doesn't even seem to think anything unusual about her behavior. She's no stand by your man woman, but was humiliated on the world stage by an adulterous husband using the Oval Office as a chick magnet, and she stays with him for a raw grab of power. So early the deception began of her public persona that she only recently admitted the myth that she was named for Edmund Hillary, the noted mountain climber, was just that. A myth. She's too old to be named for him. And she said the Republicans use the war on terror as a political football. What? She was one of the first to go to the floor of the Senate after 9/11 and hold up the NY newspaper, not the Times by the way, stating in headline fashion, what did Bush know and when did he know it? Yeah, Hillary. The same is asked of your husband's administration. I guess she didn't plan on the 9/11 Commission showing her husband's administration's responsibility. Sandy Berger couldn't steal all the evidence from everywhere.

John Edwards was stumped when asked about a moral example he followed in his life. Crickets were chirping in the background as he pondered that question. Then he falls back into 'my father worked in a mill' mode. Wow.

All are so concerned with the urgency of global warming, as if the Republicans aren't concerned with the environment, and yet they all traveled to the 'debate' on private jets. Alone. No jet pooling. Then Obama wants to talk about light bulbs and tree planting? That stuff has been around since the first Earth Day, 30 years ago. I do all the stuff they want in the small ways each of us can do, as do everyone I know. No new ideas. It's good for the earth and the family budget. My husband, the engineer and science geek, has been screwing in florescent light bulbs in our home every chance he gets for years. Duh.

Did you read where one of the original Earth Day co-founders is disclaiming any endorsement of Al Gore's current hysteria for global warming? He sees most of it appears to be for financial gain by the celeb set and the politicians wanting to tax us for new programs. President Bush signed into effect alternative energy research in much more exuberance than Clinton even thought about. His mind was elsewhere...

Those bashing the 'far right' as ignorant about global warming? George Bush's ranch in Crawford has been shown to be much more earth friendly than for instance, Gore's residences. And you know what a far right neanderthal George W. Bush is, don't you? We need Al Gore to show us the way. Maybe he can instruct us on how we buy our way out of polluting the earth. Hillary Clinton actually said last night that the Republicans are too beholden to Big Oil (cue the evil music) to be interested in environmental issues. I guess she forgot Al Gore, Sr. made his first millions off Occidental Oil back in the day. Oops.

Chris Matthews kicked off the 'debate' with a question to Elizabeth Edwards. As it was held at a historically black college, she took the bait. He asked the audience if they noticed President Bush went to Virginia Tech much quicker than to New Orleans after Katrina? Elizabeth went into the usual racial talk and bashing Republicans. As a lawyer herself, she should be intelligent enough to stop the hateful cracks about Republicans and raise the level of discourse. Al Gore, Sr. and those like Robert "KKK" Byrd were Dems filibustering the Civil Rights Act back in the day and it would have never passed without strong Republican support. Never mind.

I read complimentary opinions as to how the NBC anchor, Brian Williams, conducted the questioning. In a week or two, the Republicans will debate. Chris Matthews is the moderator. Irony anyone? The Dems are too insecure to debate on Fox News yet the Republicans agree to Chris Matthews. Matthews was in the Jimma Carter administration, in a staff position and then he was the chief of staff for Tip O'Neill while he was Democrat majority leader of the House. He blasts hateful speech on the current administration on a nightly basis. The only bonus is that Maththews show is on MSNBC and no one watches that network. Fox, however, has double the viewership of the Dems beloved CNN. Never mind.

That's what the serious people do, they face opposition and state their position.


Jennifer said...

There is one big idea, it's just one they all espouse. And it's way too dang early for a "presidential" debate, in my opinion. If they HAVE to have one, it should be American Idol style, where the weakest one is voted off, poste haste.

Out of curiousity, have you seen 'An Inconvenient Truth'? As it happens, I've seen it four times. Mostly because my office has been hosting a series of screenings of it, after learning that our CEO in Sweden paid for tickets for all European employees and spouses to attend a mandatory screening when it first came out over there.

(You should know we are one of the world's "most sustainable" firms and a leaderin LEED and sustainable construction globally.)

We've also started composting in our office, on top of a billion other things we do. It's a bit over the top, to say the least. But hey. People are talking, even the die hard naysayers, and I can't see any harm in that.

seawitch said...

In 2000, I was leaning towards Al Gore. Than I read about his environmental record and some other shady deals. I just couldn't vote him. The Democrat politicians are a blob of moronic hyprocrisy.

srp said...

My folks wanted to watch it... I just couldn't. I really don't care who gets it as long as it is not Hilary. They have sound bites prepared and heaven forbid they have to deviate from the script. That is why you'll often see them answer a question with statements that have nothing to do with the question.....

As for Edwards difficulty with a question about "a moral example"? He is a lawyer and already a legend in his own mind... I am surprised that he didn't say he was his own example.