Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Sake of Talking

"Talking for the sake of talking really doesn't accomplish much", said Secretary of Defense Robert Gates yesterday. He was asked his opinion of the grand tour of the middle east by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Do you understand what he said?

Pelosi has done nothing but prove herself a fool, a tool of propaganda by members of the axis of evil. With visions of grandeur, showing she will not listen to the administration of this country, her country, she jets off to the middle east. She is shown in the traditional head gear of the subservient women of Muslim nations. Any reaction of her constituents in San Francisco, the liberal feminist constituency?

Pelosi goes to Israel and meets with Olmert. She goes from there to Syria, a state sponsor of terror, a nation without a relationship with this country, her country, while they are killing our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and says she delivered a message of peace from Olmert. She holds the press conference and declares Syria is ready for peace talks with Israel. There is a problem, though, Pelosi delivered the wrong message from Olmert and he chastised her in no time at all, publicly, in the press.

The road to peace does not go through Damascus. The road to humiliation and capitulation does though.

To be clear, I am not furious that Pelosi has betrayed her country in such a in-your-face-manner simply because of her political party. I am ashamed of the Republicans going to bow at the feet of Assad, too. For Pelosi, though, the stakes are higher. She is the first to tell you how important she is now, the most powerful woman in Washington, D.C., and the third in line for the office of President. This position of hers is what makes her trip even more disgraceful than the other politicians going to Syria. And, yes, the Syrian dictator totally gets that.

All of this is playing out as England, our allie in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the global war on terror that the Dems now refuse to acknowledge in their legislation, is dealing with the hostage-taking of 15 of its sailors and Royal Marines. Pelosi is there, smiling and yukking it up with those wishing to kill us over their bastardization of a religion, as Great Britain is being humiliated. Doesn't she understand how completely idiotic she looks declaring Assad wants to talk about peace with Israel, but only if they first declare they will relinquish the Golan Heights? And, today, as the hostages are released, four soldiers in Basra are killed, fellow Brits, no doubt at the hands of terrorists using Iranian supplied IEDs.

Pelosi is a life-long political creature. She comes from a well-connected political family. She knows exactly what she is doing.

She knows better.

A side note to Roxanne: Oreo and I have been trying to tell Miss Scarlett we wish her a speedy recovery but I haven't been able to publish comments on your site for a couple of days now!


Paul is a Hermit said...

Her enemy is the right in this country. It is they who have fought to prevent her from gaining fame and power, not the Syrians. It is they who have vilified her, not the Iranians.
She reacts to defeat the right, not our enemies. We are her enemy.
Whatever it takes to repay perceived wrongs, she will do, even sell her country.

Is there no Treason anymore?

Paul is a Hermit said...

You should hear me when I'm mad.

srp said...

I didn't know that Haloscan was having trouble. This is the second time in a month they have been down for prolonged periods of time. We have been busy getting ready for my brother's visit... and HE"S HERE!!!! (this in my very best high pitched Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde voice)

As for Pelosi... she is an IDIOT, TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND A FIGMENT OF HER OWN IMAGINATION!!!! What is it they say... oh yes! SHE IS A LEGEND IN HER OWN MIND! If this were back in the early days of this country, she would be hung for treason. Rosie would be right up there along side her... of course there was no television then so this celebrity nonsense didn't exist. Makes me want to puke and believe me that is something I really have to be sick to do.