Friday, April 20, 2007

What a Week

What a week this one has been. I'm exhausted. I think we all are around here. Our son had a week of standardized testing at school. Everyone dealing with the tragedies around the country, from Virginia to Texas and beyond. Too many crazy people out there. The husband is a bit stressed over the current project at work. Plus, his precious tablet computer won't work on the battery and so he's waiting for the new one he ordered to get here.

Yada yada yada.

I'm pretty much disgusted with everyone in Washington, D.C. tonight. Both parties. I'm ready to start my own party - who's with me?

We have the spectacle of the 'hearings' or as I call it, the lynch mob, for Alberto Gonzales and the firing of the U.S. Attorneys. The Dems are particularly upset over Carol Lam, a Clinton appointee held over in the San Francisco district, and David Ignacious, who was the first to cry to the press and flip on the administration. He made all the talk shows and they all ate it up. The very Dems having a hissy fit are the ones who didn't vote to confirm him in the first place. And the claim of it's all politics? Well, duh. Of course it is. It's so stupid that Gonzales continues to deny it. He should just say it and get on with it. There is nothing illegal here. Even Chuckie Schumer said there is no smoking gun here, much to his complete disappointment. Whoever is advising Gonzales needs to be fired.

Remember that Clinton fired 93 U.S. Attorneys at once when he came into office. At Hillary's insistence. No holdovers for that administration. Leahy and Schumer continue to rue the 'mass' firings of the 8 recently.

And, no, at this point I don't think he should resign. He's done nothing wrong legally. His management style is greatly lacking but that's all that's been uncovered. And the references to Watergate and this? Again, crime versus no crime.

The Dems say that they are appalled over how political the Department of Justice is now. Are you kidding me? Let's go back to JFK and Bobby Kennedy, shall we?

Then, yesterday we have smarmy Harry Reid flat out saying the war is lost. At a speech. Then denied it when the feces hit the ventilation system. It's on tape so that won't work. Then his staff said that's not what he really meant. Oh. Ok. The leader of the majority party in the Senate of the U.S. Government declares our war efforts in Iraq as lost and he really didn't mean it. He didn't say it in private to a fellow Senator. He didn't say it to the President, as he claimed to in their meeting the day before and that little whopper was discredited by others in the room. He didn't say it to the wife during pillow talk. No, he said it in front of an audience during a speech. And, to top it all off, he flat out stated that the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense know it's lost. Sure. Drag others not there into your treasonous talk.

Harry is so desperate to have the power that he has allowed himself to be neutered by the likes of and the Soros crowd. The party of McGovern rises.

How do you think those serving in Iraq felt about ole dirty Harry after that speech hit the airwaves? Well, they'll tell you on the Internet. There are several sites sending notes from the members of the armed forces to Senator Reid. And, they aren't asking how they can make such fabulous returns off land deals in Nevada as he and his lobbyist sons have made.

He deserves to be impeached. Tomorrow.


If he truly believes his speech, he should submit the paperwork to begin the immediate de-funding of the war. Anything less and he should be held accountable, personally, for any injuries suffered by the military and deaths, too. Why would he vote to send money to the war budget if it's over?

Reid, with the creepy girly voice, says the horrific violence of the past few days means the surge is not working. The problem is that small signs say the opposite, cautiously, and the Dems who are so invested in the failure to succeed in Iraq that they can't have that. They are actually afraid of success. It's all pure politics to them, not the security of our nation. Just power grabs and disgracing the world's greatest country.

General Petraeus predicted the violence happening now. The troops committed to the surge are only about half in theatre right now. The soldiers report progress and they are mad as hell that their voice isn't heard. They hate Reid and his ilk. Reid's not getting their vote anyway so he may as well continue on the road of surrender monkeys and isolationists.

General Petraeus is coming back to D.C. next week to brief congress on what he's done and seen in Iraq these past few weeks. Guess who said she was too busy to meet with the general? Yeah. Grandma Nancy Pelosi. The same grandma who went to Iraq when she was installed as Speaker of the House, the third in line to the Presidency, and came back to declare the new strategy in Iraq a complete failure and waste of time. Before it even began. Well, when word got out to Roll Call, a D.C. publication reporting on the goings on in the world of politics, they asked the staff of Grandma MiMi what the hell was going on, her being too busy to meet with the general for a briefing? They decided she had time after all.

Need any more examples why Democrats, especially the current crop on The Hill, must never, ever, occupy the Oval Office as long as the war on terror exists? As President Bush said after 9/11, it will be a long, long time to conquer the forces of evil trying to destroy us and other democracies.

The very over-the-top liberals demanding such craziness as surrendering to the evil and announcing exactly when that date certain will be, are the ones who the enemy will come after first. No more separation of church and state the loud ones are always complaining about. No tolerance for gays or the rights of women. No jury of peers for trials. Hell, no trials.

Yeah, sounds like paradise, huh. No one said these haters, those shouting for peace at any cost, were intellectual giants.

This war very well may be lost. I don't know. We have a small window of opportunity. There is hope. I'm still struggling to be a half-full, not half-empty kind of person about life as we know it. Soon enough the writing will be on the wall. For once, is it too much to ask that the country come together and pull for victory?

Yeah, I suppose it is.

Already the predictable over the top nonsense is happening about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Did you know it's President Bush's fault? Yeah, his foreign policy did it.


Now we wait for the spitting on war vets to begin. Other than at the 'peace' rallies. That's already happening. Next those 'truth to power' folks can stand in an air-conditioned airport and do it, drawing their non-existent parallel to Vietnam further.

We are a nation that inspires success, not racing to defeat. The dumbing down of America continues.


Beverly said...

Ah, yes, the dumbing down...everywhere. And I was just waiting for someone to blame Bush with the tragedy at VT. Why not? He gets blamed with everything else.

srp said...

Yes, they already blamed him...
Someone on line here in western Virginia has blamed him and his foreign policy for this... they should know better but....

I think that if the dishwasher breaks or if their house burned down... they would find a way to blame Bush!