Monday, April 09, 2007

John Edwards' Two Americas

John Edwards, the multimillionaire trial lawyer from North Carolina, does a fairly decent routine of aw shucks, I'm just like you routine. Did you know his father was a mill worker? And Elizabeth is a military kid?

John Edwards is fond of class warfare within the country that made him a multimillionaire. He says there are two Americas. One America is for the wealthy and one America is for the poor. There is no middle class. It's all black and white with John. Funny, that black and white vision of the world is something he likes to criticize the administration over, that they don't understand the gray areas.

New light is being shined on John Edwards' two Americas. For Edwards, his America gets to tell the country who gets to exercise free speech. His America gets to tell the country who gets to own a gun, too.

Edwards refused to commit to a presidential candidates debate in Nevada, hosted by Fox News. He doesn't consider himself a fan of Fox News, so he stomped his foot and said no. Next thing you know, the debate in Nevada, sponsored by Fox News is cancelled. Senator Harry Reid smacked his lips over this delicious development and high fived Edwards over his courage to fight off the evil Fox News.

Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus have arranged for a debate in Michigan. It is just like the one they co-sponsored in 2004 in Baltimore. John Edwards participated in that one. So did all the Democrat candidates.

Edwards and now, also, Obama have declined the invitation to the debate. They think CNN will be a better venue.

This leads me to one question. What are these two smoking? Of course conservatives are well aware of the bias the left has towards Fox News. It's the only network on air that doesn't spout the same old same old. Fox News dares to air both sides of an argument and they will not stand for that. Freedom of speech? Bah!

Who are they to be taken seriously as leaders of the entire country is they will not appear on the cable network with the largest audience, with numbers twice of CNN's, and act as though they want to lead all of the country, not just the MoveOn crowd? Or the Hollywood, Bill Maher crowd? If they are too afraid to even appear on a network, how are they to be perceived as strong on leaderships? Do they only talk to friendly audiences? No, wait, I thought that was just the president who did that. Besides, Fox News isn't asking questions, heaven forbid, the standard panel of questioners, approved by all, would ask the questions. Fox News is only airing it on tv.

I thought Obama was all about a new civility in politics. I thought he was man enough to reach out to all voters.

Elizabeth Edwards is quoted as labeling her neighbor a "rabid, rabid Republican" who lives across the street from her new multimillion palace in the country. She says he refuses to clean up his "slummy" property. It's making her 28,000 square foot estate on 102 wooded acres look bad. He owns a gun and carries it to check out strangers on his property. Elizabeth will not have this so she is very happy that the neighbor, whose family has owned the 42 acres since before the Great Depression, has now put the property up for sale. He is tired of her harassment. Never mind it is her political family bringing the interest of strangers to the neighbor's property.

Can you imagine if the scenario was reversed?

He is a regular working class American, not a nouveau riche trial lawyer, so I guess he is in the poor America, not welcome in Edwards' rich America.

And, no free speech on his own property, either. He has a Guiliani for President sign on his property.

A comrade in arms for Edwards in the free speech department, John Kerry, has been foiled again by that stupid George Bush. Bush appointed on a recess appointment Sam Fox to be Ambassador to Belgium to overrule Kerry's block of the appointment. He'll not take a salary for the appointment, as is the rule on recess appointments. Fox was a contributor to the Swift Boat Vets campaign and Kerry brow beat Fox over it during committee hearings. How dare Fox use his money for political contributions against Kerry.

And to wrap things up, Edwards wants the IRS to do your tax return when he is President. Under his plan, the IRS will calculate your tax bill and mail a final report to you. You sign it and send it back. The IRS will do the pesky information gathering for you, for up to 50 million Americans, and you just sign on the dotted line.

Wow, if Bush was behind this grand scheme, why, imagine the cries of loss of privacy then!

Two Americas.

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srp said...

28,000 square foot mansion...
How Edwards manages to open his mouth and actually talk about a "poor" America and no middle class while brow beating the rich is the height of hypocrisy. When he has his family of four living in an 1800 square foot house with three bedrooms, two baths and a small back yard, and neighbors within shouting distance, then he can talk about two Americas.

I have an IRS story that would curl your hair... wait, do you already have curly hair?

I tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award... for many reasons....hope this was OK... I love your perspective... refreshing.