Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mad Men and Englishmen

Good news for the Brits that the Royal Marines and sailors are to be released today by the madmen in Iran. Ahmadinejad gave out medals to his men who captured the Brits, said it was a sign of weakness that the British government wouldn't apologize for committing the error of going into Iranian waters, then announced he would release the captive Brits as a special gift on the birthday of the prophet Mohammad. Yeah, he is quite the schizo.

I'm sure Tony Blair did the best he could. I'm glad he refused to acknowledge intrusion into Iranian waters when obviously that was not the case. I still think he blinked. This sort of episode will continue as Ahmadinejad wants the world to see him as a player.

Schools in England are now refusing to teach about the Holocaust and the Crusades, out of fear of 'offending' students. Unbelievable, isn't it? History is history. Soon England will be treated the same as France by the Muslims, as we see beginning already. Assimilation by immigrants is the only way to insure peaceful co-existence among people. This is how America became the great melting pot. This is why today people are still trying to get into America, not out of America.

If lessons are not learned from history, they will be repeated. Appeasement does not work. Short term results are for narrow visioned leaders. The easy way out no longer works in difficult circumstances. In recent history, we have the build up to the attacks of 9/11 as a reminder. Isolationism and turning a blind eye to growing threats don't work. What did Ahmadinejad say in his speech while releasing the hostages? He said Iran wants to work with all nations, except Israel.

Ahmadinejad is a holocaust denier. He was a young up and coming leader in Iran during the 444 day American hostage nightmare that Jimma Carter allowed. One of the hostages now lives in the town in Indiana where my mother in law lives, the hometown of my husband. He can tell you about the failures of appeasement from a very personal standpoint. He recognized the face of Ahmadinejad from the previous

And no, it is not America's fault that these hostages were taken. The blame rests on Ahmadinejad. Him alone. The canard that somehow this was retaliation for American soldiers taking prisoner the Iranians killing American soldiers in Iraq is laughable.

Cool heads and clear minds will be needed now more than ever.


Dalai Baru said...

I share the same sentiments. Unfortunately, this world is full of grievance seekers and apology seekers that show no respect to international protocols and the United Nations.

Sad indeed.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Karen, I think, we as a country are heading down the same road as France and Britain. Education is and has been controlled by Liberals. Not only teachers and administrators but school boards and decision makers concerning text books.
Ward Connerly had an article describing some terror drill in schools, where the terrorists were home schooled radicals intent on bringing religion and some other causes into schools, not the terrorists we have known so far, Muslims. That wouldn't be right.

Janie said...

Haven't been able to keep up while traveling, thanks for the update. I can always count on you to be crystal clear.

srp said...

Unfortunately the list of leaders with resolve, patriotism, steadfastness, strength of character, high moral standards and the willingness to stand up to these radical muslims who want to convert all mankind to Islam or kill them, is becoming very, very short. I agree that we are heading down the same road as Europe.

It is almost surreal, like an episode of Star Trek with the Borg attacking us and saying ... "You will be assimilated, resistance is futile!" If you don't stand up and fight for what the country was founded on.. you lose.

AC said...

When I read this about the Holocaust deniers being coddled I just about blew my stack! I groused and grumbled about that all day, getting madder by the minute. I wish I could threaten to be *upset* and get my way more often...maybe if I changed religions.