Monday, July 16, 2007

At The Local Level

Celebrating a whopping six months in the U.S. House of Representatives, Keith Ellison, D-MN, enjoyed a little gathering among atheists to preen and entertain the folks with his intellectual brilliance. About 100 atheists gathered at the Southdale Library in Edina to hear the musings of the first Muslim elected to Congress. He is also Minnesota's first black member of the U.S. House.

Contained in Ellison's riff : He calls the war in Iraq an occupation. He compared Sept. 11 to the burning of the Reichstag building in Nazi Germany. He calls for the impeachment of VP Cheney. He refers to Cheney as authoritarian, totalitarian and a dictator. He says if Scooter Libby is pardoned, he should lose his right to use the 5th Amendment. He mocks President Bush's faith-based initiatives as the Department of Religious Outreach, a public relations outreach arm of the administration to benefit the 'far right of the evangelical Christian movement'.

According to the Star Tribune article, Ellison's speech before this group, Atheists for Human Rights based in Minneapolis, drew the largest gathering for the organization. The group's spokeswoman said "We're trying to upgrade the image of atheists. They don't think we have a moral compass." Gosh, I wonder why 'they' would think that?

Human rights, again, but only for those deemed worthy by the fringe left. Others are chastised for being 'far right' or Christian nut bags. Atheists being preached to by a Muslim. Gotta love it.

So, when does someone speak up and demand better from the Muslim? Or is he just above any criticism because of political correctness, don't want to offend anyone? Unless it's a Christian.

I watched a Houston City Council meeting for a bit over the weekend. The meeting took place last week. The Council listens to citizen concerns at the end of each meeting. The citizens sign up to speak and everyone is given 3 minutes to make a point. I've seen some really interesting speakers the times I have tuned in, I must say. By interesting, I mean crazies.

The highlight of the meeting this time was the group who monopolized the time demanding the Houston City Council pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of the Bush/Cheney administration. The group looked just like you would picture them in your mind. Washed up has-beens living in the 60's mind frame. Having lived in the 60's and then grown up, it is so sad to see those who can't quite make the transition into today. Why, they even had Cindy Sheehan herself on the list.So, there you go. I guess she couldn't spare the time waiting for her 3 minutes, though, because when her name was called, she was a no-show. She was in town after signing over her peace ranch in Crawford to the new buyer from California.

One member of this group was asked by a councilperson what other cities have passed such resolution? I knew the names of some but this intellectual couldn't come up with a single city to name. Why would a group put up people to speak in public and answer questions when the very basic of information escapes them? How serious are they if they are not even able to relate basic information? Another was asked what other actions she had taken to voice her opinion. She said, well, she's been to Nancy Pelosi's website and signed the petition online.

Are you kidding me?

The fringe on the far left is angry that impeachment is not being pursued. We get it. John Conyers, D-MI, the chair of the judicial committee in the House, enjoyed the impeachment bandwagon being touted on his congressional website up until the election. Then Pelosi slapped him and told him impeachment was not on the agenda. Conyers wife is on the City Council in Detroit. Detroit is a city who has passed such a resolution.

These resolutions bear no weight. Cities don't set foreign policy. These 'activists' are old enough to have been in school when Civics was still being taught. They know better. Just like Mama Cindy, it's just all about them and a bit of public attention.

Flower people, the bloom is gone.


Paul is a Hermit said...

The sarcasm is in powerful form today! I love good sarcasm and cynicism directed at places so many officials fear to tread.
If people would just stand up to the bullies.

The left is so dangerous because they will never stop. Facts mean nothing. They are a perpetual lynch mob willing to hang who or whatever the weirdest among them says. The stranger it is, the more easily believed.
What scares me, is that a majority of people are electing and handing power over to them.

Frasypoo said...

Cindy Sheehan pops up everywhere does' nt she ?next she will start charging !!!
I have always said that a Christian and a Republican in todays America is one of the most persecuted thing !

Incognito said...

Ellison is an idiot. Can't believe he was actually voted in. Then again, look who they voted for as Governor a few years back.

Someone has to be supporting Miz Sheehan.. wonder who or what.

WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh dont even get me started on Ellllllllison!...spit!..great stuff! :)