Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupid Senators

Members of the Senate Judicial Committee roasted and grilled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales yesterday for all the world to see. We get it already. The Dems don't like him and some of the Repubs are playing along. Did anyone notice we have a war going on?

Senator Harry Reid bragged that so far, in the seven months of Dem reign on Capitol Hill, 100 hearings have been on the war in Iraq. He boasts he plans on calling 100 more. What have the first 100 produced that 100 more are necessary? Oh yeah, blurbs in the newspaper and tying up precious time for real work. It's all about 2008.

Do you think Reid has noticed the Congress's approval rating is below the President's? His numbers went up a bit while theirs continue to sink to all time lows. Yesterday the Dems held a press conference with Union leaders to brag that the minimum wage was raised for the first time in 10 years. That happened two months ago but it's still all they've got to boast about. Nothing like proving they are all still in the pocket of Unions.

Chairman Leahy (Leaky Leahy) told Gen. Gonzales, "I don't trust you". Well, that's something coming from the senator from Vermont who was kicked off the Senate Intelligence Committee a few years back for leaking sensitive intelligence findings directly to the New York Times, now isn't it? And the lispy Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island, who has been a senator for about 5 minutes, told Gonzales he couldn't possibly solve credibility problems in the office of Attorney General, as he is the problem. Ah, such scholarship. I imagine that Leahy, known for the most viciously hateful office in the Senate, stopping at nothing to smear those in disagreement with him, patted rookie Sheldon on the head on the way out of the hearing. Good boy, Sheldon. Now, wait for further instructions.

Even if Gonzales resigned, do you think there is any possibility of the Dems confirming a replacement for him with 17 months left in the president's term?

We are still at war overseas. It would be in our country's best interests if a united front was presented to the world from here at home. Just today there are the stories of four cities being used as dry runs for potential terror attacks. The main airport in my city is one being tested by those wishing us harm. The cities named today are Houston, San Diego, Baltimore and Milwaukee. These evil people are not stupid and they are very patient. They will wait and find places from which to launch attacks on our people.

It would be nice for those in the Senate to grow up and act like they are concerned enough, not just with the next election, but to do work that will continue with the president's record of keeping us safe here at home.

And Senator Clinton, stating that when she is President she will hunt down binLaden? She and her co-President, Bill, had 3 documented opportunities to capture him. But, since they didn't want to get their hands dirty and mess up a potential legacy for Bill, they did nothing. Hence, continued attacks against us and the final attacks of 9/11. Bill still has no legacy, other the memories of scandal, ugly pardons at the last moments of his term, and impeachment.

Was it worth it?


Angevin13 said...

"Stupid Senators" perfectly sums up Blind Harry Reid - a man incapable of uttering anything other than a Democratic talking point pre-approved by He's a political opportunist, with a vested political interest in his own country's ignonimious defeat, who's the very definition of "cowardly."

Paul is a Hermit said...

My favorite Democrat, Arlen Spector, is going to personally see if Judge Roberts and Alito have broken their word to his committee (it used to be) on anything they said in those endless hearings. I suppose if they have, he'll fire them or cry like a baby on the media's shoulder. He and Leahy fired Gonzales and they're mad as hell he hasn't packed his bags.
More Contempt of Congress. They should issue contempt citations to most of the country, because that's what we have.

AC said...

I laughed at Leahy's remarks -- that's the only defense I have left against the absurdity of so much. I am not sure I can bear up under what is to come -- pointless hearings and bluster and grandstanding. Urp.

Jo said...

Since can't figure out how to track back ....

Donald Douglas said...

It's all political, to be sure. Gonzales is not Condi Rice when it comes to testifying, though. He's dragging Bush down a bit, I hate to say. Fortunately, the Democratic majority is so incompetent, it probably won't make too much of a difference.


Freedomnow said...

The Democrats have discovered that they dont actually have to convict anyone for the crime that they are accused of, they can use the legal proceedings to fish for perjury convictions. That is their whole strategy now.

Even during peacetime this is not a noble use of the legal system.

During a war it is much more shameful.

Freedomnow said...

I agree with Douglas that we are lucky that the Democrats are so inept.

Harry Reid's all night slumber party was a disaster for the Democrats and he didnt even have to do it.

Remember during the 2004 President election when Kerry said "how can I lose to this idiot?"

If he lost to an idiot then what does that make him?