Friday, July 20, 2007

Of Cleavage and Girly Stuff

It's Friday evening. I am enjoying a glass of white wine my husband graciously handed to me a few moments ago. Dinner is in the oven - pork loin filet, to be accompanied by rice pilaf seasoned with ginger and garlic, and corn. Most of the afternoon was taken by my spectacular hair stylist so I'm presentable for public viewing once again.

I am now emboldened to speak of Hillary's cleavage. Strange, I know, but true. You see, during the high political theatre that was the debatathon put on by the Dems the other night I noticed a bit of a change in Hill's wardrobe. The weekend before I saw her on C-SPAN in Iowa, I think it was, and she was appearing in khaki colored trousers, a belted shirt and lightweight jacket over the shirt. Hmmm. She seemed to be re-vamping her wardrobe. Thinking it was just me being too critical of said re-vamping, as the trousers were too short and tight for her build, I shrugged it off. Then during the debatathon I noticed something that caught my attention. I'm a girl and girls notice what other girls are wearing, like it or not. Hill was in a black low cut, v-neck pullover style t-shirt looking top under a jacket. She was speaking on the Senate floor and I am happy to read it's not just my observation. In a piece by Robin Givhan in the Washington Post, the writer notes the same wardrobe oddity.

Hillary is often described by many different adjectives, depending on if you are a fan or not. However, sexy is not one adjective mentioned by either camp. She seems to go out of her way to appear sexless, it seems to me. I don't know if it's a holdover from her ardent feminist days or because sex is a word applied in conversations about her husband, albeit with other women. She always appears in black or occasionally a red pantsuit, plain but tailored to her figure, and always with a very buttoned up look to it.

The more casual look while campaigning in warm weather in the heartland made sense. I was hoping someone on the staff would, however, make sure she has better fitting khakis. But the cleavage peeking out of the top? No. Don't go there, Hillary. It is too late and no one buys it.

I suppose she is trying to soften up the image she has of shrill, tough and rather butch. Southern women know how to work with the guys without dressing like one of them. It's ok to be a girl, unless you are a toss back to the old days of feminism above everything else and trying to out do the men.

Recently Elizabeth Edwards entered the fray, again, by saying to an interviewer that John would be a better president for the issues of women than Hillary. She said Hillary is too concerned with acting like a man.

Polling shows that 49% of the American public will not vote for Hillary, no matter what the circumstance. Her negatives remain high with the regular voter. The far left is being cowed to now by her as she goes completely against her previous stances on the Iraq war. She was recently reprimanded, by letter, by Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman for demanding in a letter to Defense Secretary Gates that he report on alternatives to the current policy in Iraq, in open session of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Open session. Yes, Hill wants our war plan right out there for the terrorists to hear and then plan on. What an idiot.

Hillary, believing an election in 2008 is unnecessary and she is already President, wants to make the way out of combat operations as smooth as possible so as not to interrupt her re-election campaign for 2012. Do you want her as your president dealing with military matters? She was the First Lady, remember, who insisted uniformed Marines guarding the White House entrance doors act as waitstaff at her dinners in the White House. She and her husband, Bill, so decimated the Defense Department budget, to balance the national budget, that when we were attacked the department had to scramble to put equipment in the field of battle. Then she was one of the ones bellowing that the military wasn't properly equipped.

My hair is on fire.

So that you don't think I'm being sexist on poor, wonderful Hillary, I also complained loudly about Bill's fashion faux pas of the short shorts while jogging, exposing his doughy, pasty white thighs, and his casual attire in the Oval Office. Of course, his whole attitude about the Oval Office was one of white trash. There's a Southern expression for you. And, I didn't fall for Al Gore's fashion makeover by Naomi Wolf during the 2000 campaign. You remember Wolf, don't you? She was hired to makeover Al as a man of the common man. Earth tones, not D.C. suits. And she was paid $20,000 a month for the consulting fees. A friend of a Gore daughter. Nice gig if you can get it.

So, please. No Hillary cleavage. It's just not right.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Well, she needs something. Just that's not it. Hot pants? Bare midriff? A divorce? Better politics?
Elizabeth Edwards has shown the world that behind her carefully scripted shield of Mother, Wife, Cancer Survivor, she too can be a b*tch. I mean, Hilary has feelings too.

Incognito said...

Ha! Cleavage? She has one?

She has been trying, like many women, to prove she has more b*alls then men. (Sorry) But it's obviously not working. Interesting to see what her transformation will be. As much as I dislike her, she does look well.

Hope you had a lovely evening!!

Angevin13 said...


Thanks for your comments over at my blog. You're absolutely right.


shoeaddict said...

I just had to say this. Since you mentioned that about Bill Clinton acting like white trash in the White House (I'm a southern girl, too, Louisiana). Ronald Reagan, the greatest president EVAH, never even took his jacket off in the Oval Office out of respect. RESPECT.
People like the Clintons and the Edwards and such don't know what that word means.

Donald Douglas said...

First, your dinner sounds delectable!

Hillary with cleavage, on the other hand, does not! In 1992, when Bill was running, voters could not believe Hillary Clinton was a mom. It's not just that she's unsexy, she doesn't ring true with average, down-home family folks.

They'll be campaigning again this time around with Chelsea to espouse some values, but she can leave low cut blouses in the closet.

Have a great weekend!

c.a. Marks said...

bwahahahahahaha! I sure have missed out on a bunch of GREAT writing over here. I'm adding you to my "NEW" blogstuff. Heh.

c.a. Marks said...

ack! Do you not have a blog feed?

c.a. Marks said...

Never mind! I found the feed. Sorry.