Monday, July 09, 2007


The escort business owner in D.C. is set to release her phone records, thus narcing on her patrons. So far, Senator David Vetter, of Louisiana, has outed himself and apologized for his less than wise choice of behavior. My first reaction was, oh well, he's from Louisiana, what can you say? But, who knows how it'll play out. He said he used the 'service' before he was elected to his Senate seat.

From the reviews I've read and heard, the big believe-in-impending-doom-from-climate-change-or-you're-a-fascist-flat earth-knuckle dragging drooler, organized by the Al Gore for President campaign Saturday turned out to be less than stellar. No wonder from the clips I saw on tv. The likes of RFK, Jr screeching in his raspy voice about conservatives on talk radio who are nothing but stooges for big business and commit treason by giving political diversity a voice. Yes, treason. Why would anyone but the deranged take a person taking that nonsense seriously? And poor Madonna. Telling the audience to jump up and down to end global warming. I kid you not. She looks good, but she was singing out of key.

None of the usual big names for social causes showed. No Bono, no McCartney, no Geldof. Geldof said, "Why is Gore actually organising them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody's known about that problem for years." Exactly.

In Johannesburg the weather was so cold that the turnout was very low.

And just as sure as the big hustlers for governmental controls and taxing the citizens to control carbon footprints, as if humans are going to effect such changes in the atmosphere, are intensely invested in the businesses they instruct the sheeple to use to save the earth, the politicians have been busy bees working up legislation on capitol hill. Representative John Dingell of Michigan who is the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is proposing a new carbon tax that raises the cost of using oil, gas and coal. He has a different twist on the subject, as opposed to the others scrambling to out green each other. He thinks Americans, when faced with the actual costs of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, will be critical of unrealistic legislative benchmarks. Do you think, for instance, the price of gas is too high when you fill your vehicle? Well, the first of the proposals will be a 50 cent per gallon additional tax on gas. That's the dirty little secret about gas prices, you know. Taxes slapped on a gallon of gas from the levels of government are the biggest contributor to the price at the pump. It makes the extremists feel better to bash 'big oil' but government plays a big role, too.

So, good luck to the politicians and taxpayer, beware. Hold on to your wallet.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Gee, I completely missed the Gore for President kick-off, though for an unannounced candidate, he certainly is viable in his party.
Wouldn't that frost Hilary's hair?

And really, how else to pay for anyone's grandiose ideas but taxes? No tax, no matter who it is on, does not trickle down to us. Tax oil, gas, farmers, roofers, the Internet and we all have to pay it, somehow, some way.
Thanks, Al...

Vetter. Oh, well, if he used the service before he was elected, that's okay.

Frasypoo said...

So we actually get to decide whether its food on the table or gas in the car!!!
Tax this and tax that.....

Freedomnow said...

This is Gore's ticket to stay relevant.

Leftwing politics is so consistently superficial. There is no doubt that there is global warming, but it is impossible for CO2 to be the cause of it. Even his own research proves it.

He is like a snake oil salesman from the 19th Century updated for the 21st.

“Gather ‘round my good friends! We all know the dangers of global warming, a menace that will steal yer sweetheart from you and spread pestilence throughout the land. But never fear my brave comrades there is a guaranteed cure. My team of the world’s most eminent scientists has rooted out the cause, CO2. Now if you care about the environment as much as I do, friends, then listen to me before it’s too late…”

Incognito said...

Geldoff said that? HA!
And I loved reading about the snow and cold weather in Jo'Berg. They blamed it on the weather but word has it that there was lack of interest. Who knows.