Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry, The Music Man, Dog Shows and Blind Racers

Today we picked up the son's copy of Harry Potter. He began reading it in the car and didn't stop until dinner. He knocked out half the book in short order. We interrupted him, though, as we had tickets to The Music Man at the nearby playhouse. It was really good. The little theatre was packed, sold out. I like seeing that. It's the first play of the playhouse's 51st season and they've remained small and a wonderful venue for local thespians.

The World Series of Dog Shows is here this weekend. I won't go because my husband boycotts them. He believes the dog show world has ruined whole species of dogs for cosmetic reasons.

The dog show has lots of vendors there, of course, hawking their wares. One person looking to have a good weekend is Lisa Green, a Houstonian who happens to be a pet psychic. Yeah, that's not going to make the event any more credible for the husband.

And here's a strange story from today's newspaper. A local man, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, lost his sight in battle. He had a dream, however, of being a race car driver. A reality show, hosted by former Indy Racing League team owner, Joey Truscelli, highlights people "who need a boost by using the racing community to make that happen," said show spokeswoman Melinda Kay.

The show arranged for 128 motorcycles, six race cars and 200 cheering neighbors, friends and family members to converge outside his home. The reality show taped his reaction to the commotion. The tapes were stolen along with equipment and donations. I don't understand why it all was at a Sam's Club in the area, as the article doesn't explain. But, anyway, the show has made an appeal for the tape to be returned, no questions asked.

The veteran will be able to take the wheel of a race car at Houston Raceway Park and Joey T. will be his co-pilot. His competitor will also be blindfolded. Again, the article isn't clear. I hope the competitor also has a co-pilot.

I also hope that reporter learns how to write.

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Janie said...

Pet psychic???

Man. Y'all have so much more culture than here in West Texas. ;)