Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Dark Continent

Anyone know that Laura Bush and Jenna went to Africa last week? You sure wouldn't know it from news accounts. I did see a small paragraph about it buried in the back of the front page section where the world affairs are blurbed in our paper. She was in Mali, Zambia, Mozambique and Senegal. Why? She was touting the U.S. initiative that provides $600 million to schools in Africa. President Bush has allotted more money to the continent of Africa than any other president in history.

Wait, Kenye said George Bush hates black people.

Remember every time Hill or Bill went to Africa with a plane load of people it was all the rage? Lots of footage of natives dancin' and performin' for the visitors?

Oh, yeah, Mrs. Bush also focused on the issue of AIDS in Africa. Programs to fight the disease and educate the people have also received double the amount of money of any previous administration.

Maybe if Mrs. Bush's handlers had insisted on a performance for the cameras by the locals...

Never mind.


Jennifer said...

There was a front page piece on for all of last week. Seems Miss Jenna stole the show.

Frasypoo said...

Mrs Bush is a classy lady.Very elegant....imagine if Kerry had won and his wife had become first lady!
But you are right ...if the dems had gone to africa it would have been all over ...even on E! and court tv

Beverly said...

I did see them somewhere, and yes, Jenna was very prominent. Good for the Bush ladies!

srp said...

Quiet grace and elegance with purpose.... quite the contrast to Hiliary's screeching loud mouth and underhanded dealings! Heaven help us all if she becomes president!