Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two Paws Up

In today's Houston Chronicle I read that the Katrina people will have HUD vouchers extended through June 2008, which entitle them to free or reduced rent here in Houston. It applies to the 3,500 families still on assistance in our area as well as to the 11,000 households across the country.

When do we just stop this charade and just call it as it is, permanent assistance? They were, most likely, living on government assistance before the hurricane and there is no reason to think they will live otherwise now. Some are elderly, some disabled, some just not capable of supporting themselves. Why the HUD Secretary, Alphonso Jackson, felt compelled to come here yesterday and make a big show of meeting with the 'victims' and announcing the extension is beyond me. The vouchers will cost the government, you and me the taxpayers, about $105 million. I think it is high time to stop calling it the Disaster Housing Vouchers and just call it what it is - welfare. Enough with the feel good photo ops already. It's been two years.

John Edwards kicked off his newest poverty tour using the 9th ward of New Orleans as his prop. He did the same when he announced his candidacy for president. Enough of using them. The Democrats have done enough damage over the last two generations.

Did you want to know who won the World Series of Dog Shows held here over the weekend? It was an orange-colored Irish terrier. Her name is Lily. She won "Best in Show" in an overall field of 2,852 dogs. She is a resident of Houston. She is a 3 year old dog and this was her 20th win for the title of "Best in Show". That's one busy girl.

Lily's prizes included $500, a ribbon, a pewter tea set and a tack box of dog supplies. What? Your dog doesn't drink tea? Hmm.

Representative Walter Jones, R-NC, is introducing legislation for a national monument honoring "Devil Dogs" who aided Marines in WWII. They alerted the military to landmines and served as protection. Dogs were first used in WWI as sentry capacity.

Two paws up for the hero dogs.


Angevin13 said...

Good post, Karen.

I finally got around to adding you to my blogroll. Sorry for that!

Take care,


Frasypoo said...

I have been horrified when we travel to places that have been hit by Katrina victims !One good example is Memphis.the hotel owners were talking about how these people destroyed everything and the hotel owners had to re-build.
I understand that people lost everything but we cannot enable,we have to help them help themselves,getting a job etc.

Debbie said...

You say, "When do we just stop this charade and just call it as it is, permanent assistance?" Excellent point. This has gone on way too long.

I heard about a survey today, asking folks in New Orleans if they had made preparations in case another storm hit. Almost 70% (if I heard correctly) said "NO", they had not made preparations.

This was the original problem. Folks sitting on their butts waiting for somebody else to come along and take care of them. No personal responsibility at all.

Jackson Tennessee had their share also, but not like Memphis or Nashville. We noticed some in a Jewelry store, spending their cash on new jewelry. Also giving the sales person a sad story, "We are from New Orleans, we lost everything, can't you give us a discount."

Like what they really needed was jewelry!