Thursday, July 26, 2007

Protecting John Doe

Since the attacks of 9/11/2001, we've been told by everyone in federal, state and local government to say something if we see something suspicious in a crowd, on the city streets, or even on an airplane. Not too long ago, Muslim Imams were escorted off an airplane after passengers reported odd behavior from them. They seemed to mimic behavior used by the 9/11 hijackers. The passengers observing the Imams before and after boarding the plane were uncomfortable and some were just nervous with them as fellow passengers. Under the circumstances, completely understandable.

So, what did the Imams do? They teamed up with CAIR and began legal proceedings against the airline and threatening to sue the passengers who complained about their behavior. This was sending a message to any ordinary citizen - shut up. Just ignore those around you and mind your own business.

After an aborted initial attempt by Congressional Republicans to bring legislation to the floor to protect citizens following the advice of our government - see something, say something - finally a vote was taken yesterday on this matter. In the Senate the vote was 57-39. Yes, 39 Senators, all Dems, voted to allow lawsuits to go forward on citizens speaking up. Free speech? Vigilant citizens? No, the party of trial lawyers and tort abuse decided to go with supporting prosecuting, not protecting Americans and other innocents in our country. Every Republican voted to support the Susan Collins amendment, referred to as the John Doe amendment. You may be interested to know that Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer voted in the affirmative. The election cycle makes for strange bedfellows.

It took a week of negotiating but it passed. Obama was not present to vote, as seems to be an emerging pattern for him, now that he is running for President. The other three not voting were Brownback, running for President, Fienstein of California and Tim Johnson of South Dakota, still recovering from his massive stroke.

So, to be clear: the strategy of the Dems, to date since taking over in January, is to investigate, not legislate and to prosecute, not protect. Any wonder why they are at all time lows in the polls? Interestingly enough, the President's numbers are inching up and even The New York Times today had to admit that support of going into Iraq in the first place is up among those surveyed. Americans are skeptic but noticing some success of the surge in Iraq. And the Washington Post is tsk-tsking Reid in editorials. Hmm.

Another through the looking glass moment happened late this afternoon. Seems the Intelligence Committee chair in the House thinks the President doesn't need extra permission to use wire tapping surveillance on suspected foreign terrorist activity. Seems he doesn't think FISA needs to be overhauled as the CIA Director requested today on The Hill. Today's advanced technology requires a major overhaul of the process, written in the 70's, and the Director was requesting the overhaul begin. As soon as possible. So, the very act that Senator Russ Feingold, the hack from Minnesota, used as justification for requesting censure of the President, the surveillance Feingold claims is illegal, is now okey dokey? Left hand, meet right hand. Or, in this case, other left hand.

This Jane Doe would appreciate all the protection I can get, thank you very much.


Incognito said...

Yes, I just read about this. Yay! It is great news, for a change.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thank you for your post. We know we did the right thing in our hearts. We are experts at moving on. The country was right, but a lot of people didn't know it.

AC said...

to investigate, not legislate and to prosecute, not protect

That is the strategy in a nutshell, exactly. Useless, wasteful posturing. I take a big battery powered radio out in the garden to work with me every day and listening to Laura Ingraham yesterday, that thought (though not as succinctly worded) was mine as well. It is just so frustrating.

the Grit said...

Hi Karen,

Well, of course the Democrats voted that way. They are, after all, the party of the trial lawyers.

the Grit

Frasypoo said...

Where are you on the wire tapping issue ?I was just curious.
I think its a good thing,if I dont have anything to hide why should I worry about it ?