Friday, July 13, 2007


Week's end. Can't be here soon enough for me. I fear the world is coming to an end. Why? Well, it seems even the usually supportive libs in the media are turning on old pal Michael Moore. Seems the crockumentary maker is being held accountable this time around. You know when Wolf Blitzer and USA Today are critical of "Sicko" something must be afoot.

Seriously, what is wrong with him? How did he go from a pampered childhood in suburban Michigan to an adult singing the praises of Cuban health care? What is the fascination on the left for Cuba?

Moore exploits 9/11 workers and their health problems by taking them down to Cuba to get free health care, as I understand the story to go. He does the standard liberal swipe at Camp Gitmo by parading past the gate demanding the same health care for the 9/11 workers that the military get there. He seems to defeat his own argument that the prisoners are being mistreated there since he acknowledges the good medical treatment available.

I think the far left show an utter naivete about communist agendas. Did Moore really think the average Cuban was receiving good health care, better than what is practiced here? People from all over the world come here for treatment. Our country has the world's best health care. There are problems with non-insured folks but very few end up being excluded from treatment due to economic status or insurance coverage. It is the exception, not the rule.

Instead of coming back from Cuba and speaking out against the conditions in that country, Moore does the opposite. It's always America is bad for his exploitive purposes. Our system isn't perfect but it's still the best around. In socialized medicine scenarios, procedures and testing are frequently done in a less than timely fashion. If the procedure isn't an absolute emergency, a patient will wait months for it. And, if you are not considered a good risk, forget it.

When our son was born, we were without health insurance. We did it the old fashioned way. We priced hospitals and went with the best at the cheaper price. My doctor took payments as well as the hospital. I was admitted into the hospital on a Friday afternoon, my son was born just before noon Saturday and by Sunday morning I was back home. All on a holiday weekend. Yeah, Labor Day weekend. You saw that coming, didn't you? From birth my son has done things within his own time frame. He came into the world after 22 hours of labor, even after the labor was induced. And, I did it without an epidural.

My point is, it may not be easy but it can be done in this country. The truly poor and even the illegal population in this country use the emergency room as a doctor's office. It is a terrible stress on the system but they are, in fact, treated.

A member of our immediate family went to Cuba a couple of years ago with his wife. They were so rebellious, don't you know, going to Cuba even though there is a travel restriction for American citizens. They went in from Mexico. They were so proud of their plans before the trip, they were going to stick it to our government. How dare the politicians in Washington tell them where they can travel. Especially with George Bush in office?

Well, they came back and during a phone call to us, the male family member was telling me he was so shocked that the family they stayed with were not allowed to have their family Bible out in the open. He was shocked at the religious persecution in Cuba.

He was shocked at the poverty. He said most people were welcoming but everyone was guarded in their speech and actions.

I asked him why he was shocked. I asked him if he thought all this time that his country was lying to him about the life of the average Cuban. Did he think our government was exaggerating how barbaric life under Castro was? Just plain naive. He's educated, well traveled for purposes of restful vacations, a creative artistic fellow. He went to explore the music scene. He's a 'progressive' who thinks NPR is way too conservative to be heard in his house. Just plain naive.

So, let the celebs and filmmakers go there and preen about with Castro. Finally some glimmer of hope is coming out. Eventually even CNN will have to remove its blinders.

It's easy to bash our system. The answers aren't so easy. And socialized medicine? The last thing we need is more restrictions and higher taxes.


Incognito said...

Usually, the celebs etc. who go to Cuba are taken to the nice areas and that's it. They show them the model "villages". They are not allowed (at least in the 80s when I was there) to drive around on their own. My Dad was with the US Interests Section there and we got lost once (we were able to drive) and ended up driving through some of the worst ghetto-like areas. Very sad. It's a wretched place, in spite of Castro's promises. I blogged about my stay there. Very depressing. Maybe we should send all libs for a visit.

seawitch said...

My ex and I did the same when I was pregnant, except I had the epidural!

I do believe that "progressives" are very naive. They tend to have an unrealistic world view. The worst I've seen are the pacifists who condemn Israel and the US while saying little about the terrorists.

Frasypoo said...

Great post....Our church just went on a mission trip to Cuba though it was disguised as something else an a few strings were pulled but the general consensus was freedom in religion,speech anything in Cuba
Maybe Michael Moore should go live in would be a big favor for all of us !
We dont have any health insurance and thankfully we have not been seriously sick but there are doctors who will deal with you without extorting a huge sum from you.I paid $50.00 for a tooth extraction a while back.

Coffeespy said...

So, mathematically speaking, where Michael Moore taking 9/11 workers to Cuba = M911 and Jane Fonda visiting prisoners in North Viet Nam = BFBS; is M911 > BFBS or is BFBS > M911?

Or could these be moral equivalents? The mind boggles...

Paul is a Hermit said...

Moore is Less.

I can't wait for all those foreign aid dollars to roll in here to help us improve our medical treatment.
Not to mention our movies.

Janie said...

Great post, Karen. Cuba is definitely interesting to us. The people are so oppressed.

I don't get Michael Moore, either.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Karen...great insights !..thanks so much for stoppin by my humble abode..Please come again!!