Friday, October 14, 2011

Biden Issues Dire Warnings of Violence If Jobs Bill Isn't Passed

Vice President Biden claimed that rape and murder will increase if President Obama's jobs bill isn't passed by Congress. Yes, that's right. In Flint, Michigan Biden was trying to rally support for a jobs bill that even the Democrats in Congress can't get behind and he claims that rampant lawlessness will spring out if the bill doesn't pass. There is stimulus/spending money for more police in some cities, apparently, and Biden was promoting that aspect of the bill. He chose to use scare tactics.

Maybe Biden just has Halloween on his mind. He calls the economic downturn capable of producing a witches brew.

Biden brought his pitch for the American Jobs Act to Flint, an industrial city that suffers from high crime and declining employment. He said statistics show that Flint's rate of murders, rapes and fires rose sharply in the past two years as police and fire staffing levels have dropped.

"It's hard enough to do your job in good economic times. ... It's almost impossible to serve in bad economic times," he told officials in a downtown fire station. "That is a witches' brew. That is a mixture for a cancer in the city."

The bill would pump $5 billion into supporting jobs for police and firefighters, which Biden said is the government's "most basic obligation to keep its citizens safe."

Here's the thing - Democrats resort to scare tactics as they promote pumping billions of tax dollars into cities that are failing to properly manage themselves. How about demanding better local leadership and fiscally responsible policies? These cities failing so dramatically - especially in states like Michigan - have been under Democratic rule for decades.

The problem with federal stimulus money coming in and rescuing failing cities is that if the necessary reforms are not made, the money never makes much of a difference. Federal money comes with strings and deadlines. Federal money only lasts so long and then, if the reforms are not implemented, the city is back to square one. The same problems are there.

Look at this chart:

Interesting, right? That is a picture of the realities of public policy and consequences in governing a city.

Biden said his over the top statements surrounded by firefighters in Flint. No one would be against public safety and decent wages for those who provide that safety. It was cheap political theatre.

Depending on money from the federal government is no way to govern.

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