Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The GOP Debate in New Hampshire

The GOP debate was interesting in a dull kind of way. If the viewer was a political junkie and political debates are must-see tv, then no doubt that person watched. Hello, my name is Karen and I am a political junkie. Otherwise, I find it difficult to imagine that the non-politically obsessed hung in there for the full debate.

The debates are getting boring. The field needs to narrow, and soon. The leaders have emerged.

The three to watch: Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

Clearly, the winner of the debate was Mitt Romney. He remains calm and above the fray on stage with the others trying to score points against him. He's been running for years and his answers are well rehearsed and polished.

Herman Cain was targeted during this debate, as he has risen dramatically in the polls. Every answer, it seemed, revolved around a pitch for his 999 Plan for economic recovery. The more scrutiny given to this plan, the more Americans may not find it so viable. On the surface it resembles instituting a European style VAT tax while keeping the federal income tax, too. Plus, it would tax items not currently taxed yet consumed by all - like groceries. Cain is self-assured and a happy warrior. If nothing else, his candidacy has opened a national dialogue on race and politics, for which we should all be grateful.

Rick Perry. Oh, Governor Perry. Where to begin? As a resident of the great state of Texas, I already knew that debating was not his strong suit. The problem is, though, when you run for president, those who don't know a candidate are subject to taking debate performances at face value. Perry isn't quick on his feet with articulating the successes he's had in Texas and that's a shame. He needs greater debate preparation if he is to remain viable. Plus, he tends to fade half way through the debate. He's needs to find stronger debate stamina.

Ron Paul is a one trick pony. He goes on about the Federal Reserve and it's all predictable. He is a skillful fundraiser, though, and will last a bit longer. He games the straw poll system and appears to have more support than he truly does. Paying bussed in supporters for a one day ticket to straw poll events doesn't move into getting votes in the election.

Newt Gingrich is still the smartest man in the room. He has experienced a bit of a bump in polls but he probably won't last much longer. In a celebrity obsessed society, brains don't trump looks and that's not to our benefit.

Rick Santorum is toast. He comes off as a whiner and prickly. Though he lost his last statewide election he needs more than a self-righteous personality to garner trust that he can win a national election against the sitting president.

Jon Huntsman is going nowhere. It is hard to believe he lasts much longer, either.

Michele Bachmann was a flash in the pan. She is just not up to the task. She has a habit of misstating facts and historical events and it wears thin. She needs more than a new hairstyle to continuing competing.

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Beverly said...

Interesting observations. I didn't watch the debates, but my financial planer was at my house this morning, and we were talking about all the candidates and came up with much the same conclusions that you did.