Monday, October 17, 2011

One Thousand Days of President Barack Obama

Monday marks Day One Thousand for the presidency of Barack Obama. Here's a little summary of his record so far:


How's that hope and change working out for you?

Instead of focusing "like a laser" on jobs and the economy as he promised, President Obama focused on his legacy. As incredible as it may seem to most of us, the newly elected President Obama decided he would put his mark in history above the country's best interests. He decided to push Obamacare on the American people despite its unpopularity and with a lack of any support from the Republicans in Congress. Never before had a major new entitlement been voted into law with only one party's support. Certainly not an entitlement that affects 1/6 of our national economy. Yet, he insisted and demanded it to be so.

Now, with unemployment stubbornly exceeding 9%, his policies deemed failures, and a blanket of despair hovering over us all, President Obama has made the decision that he will not be re-elected without ramping up support from a disillusioned Democratic base. In order to do this, he has now embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement. He even gave them a shout-out in his remarks at the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue dedication on the National Mall Sunday morning.

Ironic since the Occupy Wall Streeters are no more supportive of him then they are of capitalists. And, candidate Barack Obama received more Wall Street campaign donations than any other candidate in history. The President purchased two specially built buses for his re-election campaign and the American taxpayer paid the bill. Now he embarks on his second bus trip to swing states, calling it official business. Taxpayers are on the hook for this joy ride, as with the first one, and the theme is his demands that Congress pass his vastly unpopular "jobs" bill. Not only do the GOP politicians oppose most of it, there are no Democratic co-sponsors of it in the House. The Senate failed to pass it. No one thinks the bill is going anywhere unless major re-writes are completed, yet it is an excuse for Obama to enjoy a bus tour.

And, that's where we are after 1,000 days of President Obama.

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