Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obama Turns To Campaign Rhetoric While Honoring MLK, Jr.

President Barack Obama is, if nothing else, consistent in his ability to turn every speaking engagement into an effort for his re-election campaign. On Sunday morning, he did it again. During a dedication ceremony honoring the newly completed statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the National Mall, Barack Obama resorted to the politics of division, not inclusion.

Even the Washington Post writer saw the connection.

As Ronald Reagan would say, "There you go again".

Obama went so far as to say,"Little has changed since 50 years ago" and went on to pitch school improvements and infrastructure spending. It is almost impossible to fathom the utter arrogance of a man who has benefitted mightily from the sacrifices made by Dr. King and yet fails to show proper respect on a day dedicated to his memory.

Barack Obama was voted into the office of President of the United States with little experience in elected office and after only 2 years as a U.S. Senator. He didn't even finish one term before running and winning the presidency. Many white voters voted for him because of his skin color, though they would not admit their white guilt issues in doing so. The man swept people off their feet with his initial national exposure during the Democratic National Convention in 2004, including me, as he spoke of no red states or blue states only the United States. He spoke of a post racial and post partisan America. We fell for it all. We thought he was a new kind of politician, capable of leading by example, calling on our higher angels to bring the nation together.

We were wrong. I am happy I voted for John McCain. Barack Obama was a mirage in an expensive suit, posing as a new kind of politician, one willing to reach out to all sides. One who would put country above ideological philosophy. He has done no such thing. He has been the most partisan of Presidents. He encourages class warfare and is now counting on that storyline for re-election. He uses his bully pulpit to, well, be a bully.

He has been a failure in leading the country to better economic times. He has been a failure in bringing the people of our country together. He refuses to listen to opposing views, instead turning to ridicule and anger. He is not a happy warrior.

Barack Obama would never have been elected President 50 years ago. He has done little to alleviate problems facing the black community today. Unemployment among blacks is at an all time high, at crisis levels around the country. Pushing victimhood or blaming the previous administration does them no good.

Via Gateway Pundit, we hear the zings at the previous administration:

An opportunity was squandered today. Barack Obama failed in properly honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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