Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obama and his Bus on the Campaign Trail

President Obama continues on with his three day swing state tour of North Carolina and Virginia as he tries to muster up support for his jobs bill. He is campaigning for re-election, of course, as the choice of states indicates, but he wants the taxpayer to foot the bill and calls it a bus tour to get Americans to tell Congress (code for Republicans) to pass the bill.

Chants of "four more years" break out as he speaks at rallies. He feigns concern that, though he appreciates their support, he is focused on the next thirteen months. Yeah, right. If President Obama was so concerned about the economic condition and jobs growth in our country, he would have fulfilled his pledge to focus like a laser on the economy. He said he would not rest until more jobs were created and unemployment numbers came down. Instead, he focused on pushing through Obamacare for the first eighteen months of his administration while unemployment rose, and the stimulus bill failed. And he continues to play weekly rounds of golf and party at the White House as though everything is peachy keen.

The man is simply in a bubble. It's not uncommon for the President to become isolated, surrounding himself with yes men and women. This man, though, promised to be different. He promised to bring people together, to listen to all sides of the arguments, to work with everyone. Instead, he went from bringing Republicans and Democrats together for a photo opish summit on putting together a budget in his first term and then telling John McCain and Paul Ryan that "I won" when they didn't budge on their disagreements with his spending priorities. He regularly uses his speeches and press conferences to criticize the GOP for not going along to get along.

We deserve better. We deserve the kind of leader Barack Obama promised he would be.

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