Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ted Cruz Speaks to Fox Station in Beaumont

Recently, Ted Cruz, candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas, was interviewed by a local Fox station in Beaumont. During the interview, the point was made by Cruz that we are truly at a crossroads. Do we fight and maintain our free enterprise system or do we allow our country to succumb to the growing reach of government?

Here is the interview:

One of the reasons Ted Cruz captured my attention some time ago was because his is a positive message. Do not confuse a positive message for weakness. The easiest tactic in a political battle is to go negative.

Today conservatives are crying out for happy warriors - candidates strong enough in their own message to wage the battle without dividing the party in the end. Once the primary votes are tallied, the party will have to come together to send a strong conservative to the U.S. Senate. Republicans need all the help they can get there. Remember, our goal is to take back the majority in the Senate. This will be particularly important if Barack Obama is re-elected. Republicans must maintain control of the House of Representatives and gain control of the Senate. It's that simple.

Happy warriors. Clear, concise and positive messages will win the election.

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