Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obama Scolds Republicans in Weekly Address

As President Obama plans to board the taxpayer funded touring bus for another campaign swing disguised as selling his jobs bill he has ratcheted up his nasty commentary about Republicans who are refusing to sign on to a really bad bill. He says in his weekly address that Republicans are "stirring up fights".

In his weekly address, President Obama scolded Republicans for “stirring up fights” on Capitol Hill over issues that will not create jobs immediately instead of focusing on passing portions of the American Jobs Act.

However, the president said he will give Republicans “another chance” and that next week he will urge Congress to vote on “putting hundreds of thousands of teachers back in the classroom, cops back on the streets and firefighters back on the job.”

“If they vote ‘no’ on that, they’ll have to tell you why,” Obama said. “They’ll have to tell you why teachers in your community don’t deserve a paycheck again. They’ll have to tell your kids why they don’t deserve to have their teacher back. They’ll have to tell you why they’re against commonsense proposals that would help families and strengthen our communities right now.”

It is odd to hear a career politician, Barack Obama, claiming the opposition is "stirring up fights", when clearly that is politics. Especially in these divisive and ideological battles over political philosophy, "fights" will break out. It is his job, however, as President to bring both sides together and practice the art of compromise in order to solve the problems facing our nation. That is what Barack Obama doesn't understand - his lack of leadership skills is destructive in the problem solving process.

Barack Obama has nothing of note to run on for re-election. His premier legislation, the one he counted on to make his political legacy, was Obamacare. He ignored all of the nation's pressing issues by focusing on an issue most Americans thought should be reformed, not completely brought under government control - personal health care. The only solution he pursued to mending our ailing economy was to insist on stimulus spending which wasn't monitored properly and has failed to produce results. Now the majority of Americans want Obamacare tossed out and his legacy building efforts have backfired.

The GOP weekly address was delivered by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy speaks to Obama's false claims that the GOP hasn't offered alternatives or voiced specific objections.

"The American people realize that Washington is not the solution. Washington is the problem. You've told us that you want accountability and serious leadership. That's why we've said, 'Enough is enough.' We hear you. We get it. Let me be clear. We are on the side of the American people. We join with millions of Americans to say no to new taxes, new regulations, more Washington spending and taxes. It hasn't in the past, and it won't work now. Americans deserve progress, not partisanship."

He also promotes the House Republican Plan for America's Job Creators and discusses areas where Republicans and Democrats can work together to spur job growth

The facts disprove the Obama criticisms. The House has passed several jobs bills, none of which the Democratically controlled Senate has chosen to take up and bring up for a vote. Who are the obstructionists?

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