Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today is Tuesday

Well, I watched the second installment of Inside 9/11 and it was really good. I have to say I am glad I invested 4 hours on this documentary. Brought back all the memories of that God forsaken day. I fear we as Americans are beginning to be a little too relaxed about the seriousness of our safety. We must never forget.

I think Pat Robertson has gone off the edge this time. He is advocating the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. Yee Gods. I thought religious leaders worked for peaceful solutions to craziness in the world. Yes, Chavez takes great pride in being the protege of Fidel Castro and we do get a portion of our oil supply from Venezuela, but come on. Let's take a deep breath, shall we?!

My hubby, son and I lived briefly in Venezuela in the early 90's. Hubby works throughout the world in the evil oil biz so it was a completely normal kind of gig for him to accept. The only thing making it an out of the ordinary experience was that our son and I would go with him and we would live there. So off we went. Our son was the tender age of 16 months. It was an interesting/horrible experience for this spoiled American woman! Apparently I don't do very well in third world countries! I want electricity, clean water and non uzi-toting policemen. Demanding, I know. We lived in a multi-story apartment bldg and had nice neighbors but I don't care for electricity going out for unknown reasons whenever it felt like it. It was all surreal on many levels but we met some good people and my eyes were opened to many new experiences.

God Bless America!


nancy =) said...

hello...i am responding to a comment you left on rosie's blog...the writer of the article in her post was an opinion piece...so there were no "lies" in it, only the author's opinion...and why the sarcasm about "he has a house in sag harbor"?...this piece appeared in a hampton's, NY publication...that is why that statement was made...enjoy yourself in texas...

dorothy rothschild said...

I haven't watched the documentary...don't know if I could bear it. That day is all to fresh for New Yorkers, still. I think there has not been a day that has passed since it happened that I haven't thought of it. Just today at the office we were talking about where were you when, because someone asked when I started working here, and I said September 10, 2001.

I always thought Pat Robertson was looney, by the way, but he seems to have lost the rest of whatever sanity he had. On another blog, someone joked that he had issued a "Jeezwah." Heh.