Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Half Way Through

Good to know only two more days in the scheduled to the hilt week. Even had to make the dreaded late afternoon trip to Target yesterday with son so he could pick up a new Casio after smashing his old one on a pillar at school. Too many people and cars at the beginnings of serious rush hour traffic.

So, last night I was watching local news before bed and two sales associates were interviewed from The Galleria here. For those who haven't been to our fair city, this is a huge upscale shopping area covering lots of concrete with stores of all the big names in fashion, jewelry, gourmet treats, entertainment, housewares, etc. If you can't find it there, you don't need it. These two young women were relating separate stories from the two different jewelry stores at which they work. Both told of FEMA cards being used for pricey gold bling. Lovely, right.

Next we flash to a young mom with two small children looking for a home to call their own. She is in temporary housing at a church shelter with the kids. While very appreciative for the assistance, she is looking forward to getting settled and getting on with her life. When asked what she thought about those misusing FEMA cards, she replied that it was sad that those people have no better sense to squander the opportunity to find housing and taking care of themselves and their families. Amen.

The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Naquin, has purchased a home in Dallas and his wife and child will live there until, I presume, they can go back to New Orleans. The child is enrolled in school there. I thought it curious that he didn't relocate to someplace closer and in the state of Louisiana. Maybe Baton Rouge or Lafayette. Both could accomodate his family's needs, I'm sure. I also learned yesterday he had been holed up in Baton Rouge after the storm in a luxury hotel as his fellow city officials and first responders stayed in New Orleans to deal...

And Governor Blanco today is bitching that the recovery of bodies is not going to her satisfaction. Oh yeah, she didn't go through the regular process of organizing the effort. Another state level failure she claims is a federal failure. She's a winner, this one.

Watching the hearings for Judge Roberts again today. Yesterday's went pretty much as expected. Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that Ted Kennedy continues to make water references? All that booze over all these years has really pickled him. The cameras in the hearing sure does create posturing all around.

I have to figure out what to prepare for dinner within the schedule today. Son has a 4:00 doctor's appointment and then Scouts at 7:00 so it'll be rush home and hopefully do homework in between. Waiting for Friday.


Richard in NY said...

Mayor Ray doesn't care how close he is to Lousiana because he knows that his political career there is over. Toast. Kaput. With all of the democratic voters in NO scattered across the country, and the serious egg he and the governor are going to have on their face once the congressional investigations are over, neither one of them could get elected as the next city dog catcher.

Now y'all have got him in Texas, and he's established residency. Something to think about.

And yes, I am a bit of a cynic, but a lovable one.

Sally said...

Hey Karen - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - nice to meet you. I have a lot of friends in Louisiana and Texas - they're all doing everything they can to help. Can't imagine what everyone is going through after such a horrific time.

anyway - I'm glad to meet you and look forward to reading more on your blog

Sally x

YellowRose said...

Seems that the "Bling" is more important to some than the neccessities, like food and a roof over their head! Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by "The Garden!"

Laura said...

wow, I didn't know Nagin bought a home in Dallas. well isn't that interesting. Do you know if he is a Louisiana native?

Karen said...

Don't know, Laura. Do know he was a Republican before running for mayor and he was a successful businessman either in advertising or publishing, not sure.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Sounds like Katrina didn't shake much sense into some folks...

Mayor Ray will probably fit in just fine in Dallas - bunch of political misfits at City Hall there.