Friday, February 17, 2006

Fool of the Week

The Fool of the Week is Al Gore.

Al Gore went to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia last Sunday and delivered a speech at the Jiddah Economic Forum. This is an annual event and many speakers are brought in, much like the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Jiddah Economic Forum is funded by Bin Laden Family Group- Osama's brothers and cousins, among other groups.

Al's shining moment was delivering this line - Arabs in the United States have been "indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order and held in conditions that were just unforgivable." He continued - "Unfortunately there have been terrible abuses and it's wrong." "I do want you to know that it does not represent the desires or wishes or feelings of the majority of the citizens of my country."

Al, what the hell are you talking about? How much did Bin Laden's family pay you for performing a treasonous speech? I know you have to do outlandish speeches to make the evening news but since you were so over the edge with this, you didn't even make the evening news. Your peeps in the world of journalism love this kind of thing and won't condemn it.

How much did you sell your soul for this time, Al?

As Ben Shapiro wrote, "It is now considered bad form to criticize those who commit seditious acts against the United States. Challenging the patriotism of a traitor draws more ire than engaging in treasonable activities. Calling out those who undermine our nation creates more of a backlash than actually undermining our nation."

How dare Al Gore go to one of the most repressive societies in the world where women are property, women aren't allowed to drive, women are killed for imagined or real disgraces to the family, women are not properly educated, any citizen is executed in a public square if he/she commits an offense, etc, etc, and apologize to them for these outrageous and false charges. How dare he.

At some point we have to say it is enough.

Is Al referring to the 1,200 Arabs in the U.S. detained immediately after 9/ll? With buildings still burning and a field in Pennsylvania cratered from jets used as missiles, it should hardly be considered unreasonable not to mention abusive. Yes, Al has freedom of speech. It is the same freedom of speech that permits fools to show themselves.

We would all like world peace. We would all like to have a truly strong mutual friendship with all nations, including Saudi Arabia. Kumbiya. Let the Saudis go first.

Al is a bitter, washed up politican. He was groomed from birth to be president and then saw it slip away. He wasn't up to the task and especially when the stakes are so high for the security of our country now during this world war, it is fortunate for us he failed.

Visa violations after 9/ll are hardly light infractions to be brushed aside. The express visa system put in place by Al's administration did us no good.

In 2002, Bill Clinton was paid $267,000 for his speech at the Jiddah conference. Al's speech, a treasonous act committed in a foreign land against his own country, surely was worth far more to the Saudis. The future propaganda value is priceless.


Jessica said...

I bow to your greatness :)

AC said...

Being from Tennessee myself makes me wince double every time Al Gore opens his mouth. This last was over the top, wasn't it.

He and all those still deranged over the 2000 election might remember that Gore didn't carry HIS HOME STaTE, which, if he had, would have rendered the Florida results moot. Or something. I give daily thanks that Gore did not win.

srp said...

You might just have to forgive Al. I think he spent too much time locked in a tobacco smoke house as a child. Love that "groomed" to be president just like a prize champion dog. I think part of his problem is that all his neurons, axons and synapses overheated and burned out when he was inventing the internet, as he told us all during the campaign. I must just give him the southern raspberry... Bless his heart!