Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I hope everyone is feeling the love today. My gift from my hubby is 3 boxes of chocolates! Three different brands and all milk chocolate, my fave. After 23 Valentine Days together, the man has the hang of it.

I was witness to a true act of courage last night. I was watching the doubles figure skating competition of the Olympics as figure skating viewing is a favorite pasttime, if nothing else is on. A Chinese pair was skating. The Russian pair was in first place. This Chinese pair was the last to compete in this round. The beginning of their routine included a complicated leap into the air that these two are known for. They went into this maneuver and during the landing the girl skater came down completely on her knees. I tell you my whole body tensed up watching what must have been excruciating pain for that 20 year old woman. He helped her to the side of the rink and her coach and physical caretaker took a look at her knees. She moved around and they all nodded. Then the pair went back out on the ice and finished the routine. I couldn't believe what I saw. They were magnificent and received the silver medal.

What courage and determination. They received a standing ovation from the crowd, as well they should. It was just amazing. What a treat they gave the audience there and viewing on tv.

Yesterday afternoon I experienced a different kind of viewing on tv. I was watching the White House press secretary's gathering with reporters. The main topic of questioning was the Vice President's hunting accident. What a hissy fit that was. The reporters were suffering from a severe case of nose -out-of-joint syndome and behaving badly. I know Cheney's office could have handled the situation better but come on. It was a personal hunting trip over the weekend to an old friend's ranch in south Texas. The friend, a 78 year old man, came up behind Cheney without announcing his presence and in the process was sprayed with bird shot as a covey of quail was flushed out. Accidents happen.

I seriously doubt there were any hunters among the White House reporters. Instead of getting to the bottom of everything with the Vice President's office, they chose to beat up on the President's press secretary. They really went off the cliff. I heard questions like, "Will he be charged with a crime?", and "Will he resign?". Just stupid, not to mention projecting the fact that resignation is what they hope for every day from either the President or Vice President. They are not professional or mature and prove to viewers that regular news programs, like evening news on the networks, are no longer relevent to most people.


Now I am off to do a little quality control testing on some chocolate.

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