Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wet Wednesday

The day begins dark and gloomy. Rain to come pouring down later, we are told by the forecasters.

Prince Harry is being sent to Iraq as a troop commander. Good on him. Seems he has turned around his party boy existance and growing into quite a young man.

The State of the Union address was fairly good. None of them are particularly riveting but important for the historical ceremonial tradition nonetheless.

What was surprising to me was a Hilary Clinton led applause by some Democrats when the President said that Social Security reform had not been achieved last year as he had hoped. Not often you see the opposition party pleased as punch with themselves that they blocked reasonable discussion to reform a system that affects everyone in this country. The party of no rolls on.

Governor Tim Kaine, D-VA, gave the Democrat's response after the speech. He did a good job and hit all the points well. But what is with this man's eyebrows? I was so distracted by them that I had to look away to listen to him. One side shoots up markedly higher than the other. Yikes.

I loved seeing Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito is the front section with the Supreme Court. After all the nonsense these two were put through, they deserved the attention given them.

Sorry, Cindy Sheehan, no disrupting the State of the Union address. As the guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-CA and a huge supporter of the group known as Code Pink, Cindy was escorted out after ignoring instructions by security to stop yelling taunts from the balconey seat she was given and to cover up her anti-war t-shirt.

Rex, the bomb sniffing dog, a veteran of the Iraq war, was a cool guest last night. He was an invited guest of Laura Bush in her section.

"I understand my time has expired". Ted Kennedy, on the floor of the Senate prior to the Alito vote for confirmation. That's an understatement there, big guy.

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srp said...

I voted for the other candidate for governor. Kaine is already showing his pompous self. He had his inaugeration in Williamsburg, the first since Jefferson. Fortunately it rained.