Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today's morning cup of coffee - Starbuck's Italian Roast "Extra Bold". It is a heavenly aroma that wafts through the kitchen when the beans are grinding. That and a nibble of fine milk chocolate from the Valentine's Day haul makes for a great way to jumpstart the day.

With all the problems in the world, we are enduring yet another day of panting press coverage of the hunting accident involving the Vice President and his friend over the weekend. Not seeing that the American public finds it not a newsworthy story at this point, the White House journalists continue on as if they can single handedly force Dick Cheney out of office. They are pompous and immature people making a mountain out of a molehill. Mr. Whittington has a right to privacy concerning his health concerns and the only thing the Vice President is guilty of is not informing the press soon enough for their egos. Accidents happen. It is a shame. It is not criminal.

Senator George Voinovich, R-OH, gave a little interview recently for the press to voice his support of John Bolton, the US Ambassador to the UN. You may remember that Voinovich made an ass out of himself by crying on the floor of the Senate during confirmation hearings for Bolton to be placed in the job. He is on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee, but didn't bother to go to the hearings and hear testimony of those both for and against Mr. Bolton. He relied on gossip circulated by Senate Democrats hell bent on destroying Mr. Bolton's reputation for cheap political points. So it is fitting that now he looks like an ass. He admits Bolton is good in the job at this time of UN reform and the right pick. Idiot.

Paul Hackett, an Iraqi war veteran backed by Democrats to run in a special election for a Congressional seat in Ohio, made a good showing in the traditionally Republican district. So, he announced his candidacy to challenge Mike DeWine, the sitting Senator from Ohio (Republican), and was encouraged and backed by top Democrats. That is until Sherrod Brown, a House of Rep member and very liberal Democrat decided he wants to be the next Senator from Ohio. The Democratic party dropped Hackett like a hot potato and fully endorsed their man Brown. Hackett is so angry that he dropped out of the race and says he is out of politics for good. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot with this. Hackett could have really given DeWine a run for the seat, but Brown will now be the raging liberal running against DeWine. He may have won a district in Ohio for his House seat but he won't win statewide in Ohio. The state is too conservative now.

Rufus, the winner of the Westminster Dog Show, is a fine looking animal. I can't watch dog shows anymore without thinking of "Best of Show", the mockumentary about Westminister. It is a really funny movie and will make you laugh outloud at the antics that go on behind the scenes of these shows.

The Dow is over 11,ooo again. A major report came out yesterday that all levels of government failed in the response to Katrina - written by a committee with a majority of Republicans. Iran is closer to blowing people off the face of the earth with nuclear force. The City of New Orleans may have to release a large group of people picked up on criminal offenses due to a lack of public defenders in the city now. The Iraqi military has taken over 25% of the responsibilities now. But, nevermind all that stuff.

Did you hear Cheney was involved in a hunting accident?

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srp said...

Has no one in the press heard about HIPPA, that little "Health Information Privacy and Portability Act" (note the word PRIVACY) that congress passed a few years ago. Physicians have been suffering under this for at least four years. Husbands can't get results of medical tests on their wives unless the wife has signed a release form. Hefty fines are given by the government if office personel release medical information without this release. We even had to have locks installed on our individual office doors to prevent someone seeing medical information they shouldn't. So, why would it be appropriate for the presidential or vice-presidential spokesperson to release this information to the idiots at the press corps? If Mr. Whittington wants his medical status released, let him do it through the physicians. Then the law of the land can be upheld. I think some fines should be levied against these reporters.

And at a time when the reporters are complaining about secret monitoring of terrorist phone calls out of the US being disrespectful and "trampling our individual rights" they are the ULTIMATE TRAMPLERS. In their frenzy for a story and to discredit Mr. Cheney, they TRAMPLE on the PRIVACY of Mr. Whittington. I know that I wouldn't want to have to be in a hospital with reporters camped outside. They are a menace to him and all the other patients at the hospital.