Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wish Day

I wish this fog and humidity would leave. Two days in a row and that's enough now.

I wish I felt better about watching Oprah's show yesterday. It is a lead up to today's show where it will show her partnership with Habitat for Humanity and building homes for the Katrina survivors. I like Anderson Cooper. I like Lisa Ling. Both are good reporters, as far as I've seen. I guess since I live here it just wasn't shocking or surprising to me to see the devastation still there after 6 months. We've seen it all along on the news here. Maybe because we have so many evacuees living here and our local stations have done more coverage. It breaks my heart every time.

I wish I had an answer. I see stories of people living in the area trying to get things back to a liveable condition. I hear the "leaders" of New Orleans calling for the evacuees to come home and today the call is for them to come home and work to rebuild the city. Why will they when they have free rent and utilites here in Houston for a year? Many have made a transition and don't plan to return.

I wish the people affected by Hurricane Rita had the publicity they deserve. The western coast of Louisiana and the eastern border towns of Texas are devastated, too.

I wish I would hurry up and win the lottery as my plan is to help rebuild a library in southern Mississippi when I do. I was born there and they need all the help they can get.

I wish there wasn't the corruption and political in-fighting involved in absolutely everything. The trailers on yesterday's Oprah show that aren't getting to the people in southern Mississippi as quickly as they need to? Or the trailers for the New Orleans area? It's because, in the case of New Orleans, only the other day did the state and city governments come to an agreement where they will allow them to be set up. No one wants to deal with a "trailer city".

I wish this time folks will pull together and do the right thing for the future. Don't rebuild in flood zones. Take care of the wetlands that act as a kind of barrier on the coast. There are no guarantees in life.

The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for". - Jose Addison


Delta said...

Oprah doesn't like white folk apparently

srp said...

I don't care for Oprah. She gives lip service and money but everything is slanted to make herself look good.

Check out Music and Cats. She has an article called "Cause to Hope". For southern Mississippi this is very promising and shows thought and hard work by the people there.

Kimberly said...

Hi Karen,

Ah, now I see how you found my blog. (Thanks, srp!) Did Oprah's show have any good information about rebuilding efforts? A major source of frustration for me is that there's so little information available about what's happening along the Gulf coast. What makes the news is all the blame being thrown around; I want to know what's being done to get people who want to move back into safe housing that will withstand future storms.

By the way, I'm a native Houstonian. Most of my family still live there; I left 10 years ago for the West Coast.