Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunny Sunday

The weather this weekend has been absolutely beautiful. The temps are 70ish and the sun is out. A little wind rounds it out. Feels great.

Yesterday I had lunch with a girlfriend. Always an excellent way to spend time. Son and Hubby went back to museum district to finish a second project son is working on for art class.

Super Bowl today. To be honest, I couldn't care less about it. I'll probably tune into the very last of it to see who wins. I'll be watching alternative programming today and tonight. A & E will re-broadcast Flight 93, which I missed the first time around. It has gotten excellent reviews and gave the A & E network its largest ratings ever. Also, tonight Paula Deen will have a marathon of her cooking shows and I love her. It's the whole Southern cooking thing.

I'll be making a standing rib roast this afternoon for supper. I purchased this one during the holidays when it was at a great price and froze it. My guys do so love their beef. In the meantime, the Pillsbury dough boy and I are making sweet rolls for a late breakfast treat. Hot dogs for lunch.

If you are into it, I hope your team wins today.

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srp said...

It is sunny but windy here and around 48 degrees. I am waiting for the girl to get here from college. She wants to come see her doggy Max as often as possible.

The folks and I ate out as she wasn't going to get here on time. Now she will have baked chicken and steamed vegetables with either an apple or orange later this early evening.