Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Road

Is this the road "the offended" want to go down? Those so insulted that the national media was not immediately notified as soon as the bird shot left VP Cheney's rifle? Note the ones running to the microphones with their oh so important opinions of how Cheney handled the accident.

Hillary Clinton - hard to imagine an administration served with more indictments than hers. She had her chief of staff move and destroy evidence at the scene of Vince Foster's suicide and demanded she determine when the suicide note should be made public, which was several days later.

Harry Reid - who waited 3 days to tell the press that he had suffered a stroke in June, 2005.

Charles Schumer - who had staff dig into personal financial info on the Lt. Gov of Maryland running for Governor, a black Republican. Where is his resignation or the grand jury investigation?

Teddy Kennedy - murdered a young woman and didn't come forward for 72 hours afterwards. Never accepted responsibility. Rewarded with lifelong Senate seat.

Calls for Cheney's resignation abound. I would have been disappointed otherwise. It is difficult to think of anyone in this administration who has not been called upon to resign from the opposition. They forget they lost the election. They should remember that each and every time they show poor judgement with public remarks the voters are reminded why they continue to lose.

The accident's coverage with the press could have been handled better. The Secret Service detail contacted the Sheriff within 10 minutes of the occurance. The Secret Service are cops, remember. Do you think they didn't do things by the book? The Sheriff investigated. He determined it was a hunting accident.

Move on.

The piece on Nightline last night about the tapes of Saddam talking to his posse about weapons of mass destruction and impending terrorist attacks on America was interesting. Where is the coverage in the rest of the media? Where is the publicity of the book published by Saddam's number two guy from his military force? Those with too much invested in the Bush lied, we rushed into an unneccesary war, crowd won't be showing you anything else but what validates themselves.

It's still just all about them.


srp said...

Don't forget that now they are trying to make it seem like he was drunk. Ted Kennedy was drunk that night when he drove the young lady to her death.

I had a friend in high school who took karate along with her younger brother. They went to bring their father's hunting rifle in from the truck. On the way Sandy told her brother to "disarm" her. They didn't know the gun was loaded and as he disarmed her, the gun went off shooting her in the abdomen. She almost died. Her brother was a wreck for more than just a few minutes. Thank God, no one wanted him to hold a press conference immediately after such a traumatic event.

poopie said...

Calls for resignation? Oh please.

AC said...

I was working on links to that very thing about Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton!!! But I thought I'd let my parents anniversary card/post sit for the day. You've said exactly what was on my mind, but you do that with total regularity and better too! Yea!

Everytime Harry Reid gets in front of a camera I feel like I'm gonna blow. I have to step away from the screen..he's hideous.

I was thinking the exact same thing about those tapes! and that guy George Sada (I think is his name)...his book went almost unnoticed by the MSM and there is the other Iraqi military guy who also says the WMD are in Syria.

I do not understand what is going on in the media...well I do, but I just shake my head in dismay. Whenever anything comes out that supports what Bush did/said they just respond with "now isn't THAT convenient!" ACCCK.

Jennifer said...

Cheney shot someone???

Alert the White House press corp!!!

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