Monday, October 01, 2007


Saturday was a wonderful to hang out at home and watch Book TV on C-SPAN. Why? It was the National Book Festival in D.C., sponsored by The Congressional Library and First Lady Laura Bush. It was a book lover's delight.

Saturday evening took us to a community playhouse. The production was "Laughing Stock", written by Charles Morey. I have to say, what for us was a sleeper of a show in the season's line-up turned out to be possibly the best production we have seen there. It certainly was this year. A new batch of actors were performing, different than the usual regulars and they brought with them all kinds of new energy and skills.

From the playbill: "The action of the play takes place in and around the New England summer stock barn theatre known as "The Playhouse" and various other suggested locations, from February to labor Day of a recent year."

A good time was had by all.

Finishing off the weekend's entertainment was the interview with Clarence Thomas on "60 Minutes." I have to say I really enjoyed the interview, even with Steve Croft doing it. It showed him as a calm, intelligent, articulate, remarkable man. He is not a bitter man, as he is often described by his critics. He is a man of strong faith, a one time seminary student. He went through the days of the Civil Rights movement as a college student, joining black power groups and then confronted the Washington bigotry as it is in the political world. He and his wife, Virginia (Ginny) have raised and financially supported his nephews. When the Supreme Court is not in session, they head out on their RV and travel the country, often parking in Walmart parking lots as is common with other RVer's.

Anita Hill was spotlighted on another channel. She has been shown for what she is and she should have avoided any further spotlight. Her whole 'I didn't want to come forward' act is old and if that were the case, she should give back all the money she has made profiting from partaking in the electronic lynching of this man. She was easily bought off by the Dems of the Senate who brought her out of the woodwork and used her for their political zealotry. She is one sad, weak woman.

Steve Croft said, but, "you won." Thomas replied, "Won what?" "This wasn't a football game. It was a process and it was about our country." Good for him. To the Dems, like Leaker Leahy and Swimmer Kennedy, it was all a game to discredit a black man with conservative views. It was absolutely despicable. History has not been kind to their process. And it continues on today. Quite a legacy for their party.

Contrast that with how the nominees for Supreme Court were treated by Republicans when Clinton, for example, was in office. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a left wing ideologue and proud of it, was treated respectfully and voted on, favorably, as the tradition is. If the candidate is qualified, not a criminal, of intelligent mind, then you pass the nomination as the President wants. Sure, ask tough questions to test them, then get on with them. The continued personal destruction administered by the Dems is not serving anyone. Look how Roberts and Alito were treated. Respectful? Hardly. The two of those men were better educated and more intelligent, not to mention best qualified for the positions, yet Mrs. Alito was brought to tears by the vicious attacks, all proven incorrect. Again, despicable. Their crimes? Conservatives wanting to serve their country. Both took the pledge not to alter Roe v. Wade, but that still wasn't good enough.

The old attack that it is Republicans who are the mean spirited ones is long gone.

I'm going this week to buy the book. I want the New York Times to have to list it as #1 on the bestseller list. Now, that's justice.

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Paul is a Hermit said...

I'm glad you got to spend a Saturday evening away from the mass political attacks making up the news and enjoy outright laughing from another kind of humor. You deserve that.

I admire Justice Thomas, everything I've ever heard about the man and seen him deliver through some of the worst questioning and temper-baiting ever affects me. Even when he had had enough, he did not show his temper through shouts but through the power of words. Truth. His wife was a rock too, throughout.

I'm waiting for Ms. Hill to file a slander or other lawsuit dealing with the defamation of her character, from what I've read, the Justice didn't mince words.

But, who better to know how far one can go with words.