Friday, October 05, 2007

Who They Are

Friday. Finally.

Did ya hear the one about Jimma Carter going to Sudan and mixing it up with Sudanese security services during a visit to Darfur? Poor Jimma. He thinks he's someone important. He was there as a part of a delegation, known as 'The Elders', and they wanted to visit a refugee camp. The Elders are an international mix of old guys.

Seems Jimma flew to the World Food Program compound in Kabkabiya and when none of the refugees came for the meeting, Jimma decided to go to town. He wanted to walk into town and meet the refugees who were to afraid to go to the compound meeting. This town is teeming with janjaweed militia so you can understand the security team's concerns. After a meeting with a tribal representative in a school in town, Jimma wanted to go further into town. He was told no by a chief of the Sudanese secret police. He was told the walk into town was not on the program.

"We're going to anyway, you don't have the power to stop me." Finally the U.N. officials told Jimma and his entourage that the state police could indeed stop the walk further into town. "We've got to move or someone is going to get shot," was a warning from one of the U.N. staff. Jimma was urged to get into a waiting car and leave by the rest of the group.

"I'll tell President Bashir about this," Carter said. What a tattling cry baby. I wonder if he stomped his foot as he made that threat.

If he's such an expert on the people of the world, why was Jimma so surprised that the people being oppressed in Darfur were too afraid to speak to international visitors? This was The Elders first visit as an organization. The organization was put together by Jimma and Desmond Tutu. Even they admit it was a symbolic visit. They knew that nothing would be accomplished. So Jimma was expecting the people of Darfur to risk their lives to meet with him for a symbolic visit.

Nothing accomplished except Jimma making ridiculous headlines for acting like a jackass in a foreign country. Again. Yeah, thanks Jimma. Still an idiot after all these years.

Mr and Mrs Obama were both silly statement makers yesterday. Michelle Obama was giving a speech in the Chicago area and told the audience that the U.S. is suffering from an empathy deficit. Amazing, huh? This nation is the most generous country on the face of the earth but it's not recognized by Michelle.

Michelle's husband, Barack, running for the nomination of the Democrat party for President of the U.S. no longer wears an American flag on his lapel. It's his way of protesting what he thinks is false patriotism. That'll really be a winning fashion statement for him. He's sinking like a brick in the polls against Hillary and decides to shun the symbol of his country for his own silly reasoning. Poor Barack. Still an empty suit. "My attitude is that I'm less concerned about what you're wearing on your lapel than what's in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve." The military will be interested in how you show your concern for those who serve, Barack. Especially your vote on NOT supporting General Petraeus against MoveOn. And you NOT voting on the Defense Bill to provide funding for the troops on the battlefield. You were absent for that vote, too. Yes, a real profile in courage.

Lapel pins are a symbol for what is in a person's heart. Whether it's a pink ribbon, a smiley face, a cross or Star of David, a political button, and yes, an American flag.

And, last but not least, Elizabeth Edwards weighed in this week on Rush's medical disability deferral for the draft. She says it's phony. How does she know? Well, no evidence was shown, she just wanted to let her opinion be heard. Again. No one is questioning her cancer diagnosis. No one is demanding she open up her medical records. I know she despises Rush for his success on talk radio but he is a private citizen and due privacy. If she is so smart, a woman with a law degree after all, why is she incapable of understanding the smear of Rush at the hands of the anti war left? She understands all too well. She's one no class broad.

When people are telling us who they are, we should listen.


Kris, in New England said...

I too saw the story about Elizabeth Edwards. The thing that really got me was taking Rush to task for a Vietnam draft deferment - when the Silk Pony had one too.


Jo's Cafe said...

Rush played the stuff on Mrs. Edwards ... good lord, why didn't she serve then? I did!

AC said...

I don't think I'm going to make it through the next election campaign. Who doesn't understand what Rush actually said?

Paul is a Hermit said...

I'm hearing them loud and clear. I wish to escape their constant sreams of hatred for America; all I grew up with and love.

Beverly said...

Thanks for telling me what Carter was screaming about. I read the headlines but didn't bother.

We are in a mess, aren't we.

Debbie said...

I completely missed the Jimmy Carter excursion. The Elders, huh? More like the Alzheimers Club. Should have guessed TuTu would have been in the bunch. Carter has always been a nut, but with age, unlike good wine that just gets better, he has turned to undrinkable vinegar. An America hater.

I don't care for the Obamas at all, they are pandering to get votes.

wordnerd said...

Excellent, Karen, as always. Did you see where Arthur Schlesinger's sons have published his diaries, and he describes Jimma as a "mean little man" who "didn't want to listen to anyone." Sounds like not much has changed, huh?

Paul is a Hermit said...

If you're taking the weekend off, Good. For. You!! As much as you deserve it, I miss you still.
I'm picturing you relaxing. Don't disappoint me.

Conservative Belle said...


Did you catch these comments by Carter?

"Carter said Washington's use of the term genocide to describe the situation in Darfur, where international estimates say 200,000 people have died and 2.5 million driven from their homes, was unhelpful.

"There is a legal definition of genocide and Darfur does not meet that legal standard. The atrocities were horrible but I don't think it qualifies to be called genocide," he said.

Michael said...

Carter is irrelevant; he reminds of a great line from Star Trek:

"What the Klingon says is unimportant, and we do not hear his words.

I just called him a liar, Jim."

As for Obama, you can tell how irrelevant a politician is getting by how big a deal he makes over meaningless issues. Like lapel pins.

And as for Rush, I despise him for being a moronic windbag. I came to that conclusion after listening to his show. Something Elizabeth Edwards probably hasn't done.