Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Fun With Jimma and Hillary

Same old Jimma Carter, in an interview given to the BBC, pontificates as though he is privy to the inside workings of this current administration. As if. Reuters reports that the current rantings of this gasbag feature a seditious attack on VP Cheney. Jimma calls Cheney "a disaster" for the country. Well, Jimma would certainly know a disaster for our country, all right. This is his continuation of the international lobbing of the proclamation that the Bush administration as the "worst in history" in international relations. He forgot to add, except for his own, what with that pesky Iranian incident. Negotiations certainly worked there, huh, Jimma?

Suddenly Jimma is all smiley about Secretary of State Rice: "I'm filled with admiration for Condoleezza Rice in standing up to Cheney which she did even when she was in the White House under President George W. Bush". "Now secretary of state, her influence is obviously greater than it was then and I hope she prevails, Carter added in the Reuters accounting.

Jimma, I know Secretary Rice will be all warm and fuzzy inside now that she has your approval.

One thing I know to be true. When history is written, further down the road, along the lines of 50 or so years from now, fresh eyes and open minds will acknowledge the global war on terror and our execution was the right thing to do. More than 40 million people with a chance of freedom is a good thing. It is up to them to write their history now. I also know that history will continue to view Jimma Carter as a complete disaster. Forever.

So, there's that.

Further evidence of the Dems and their complete cluelessness about national security matters: The Dems in Congress would like to re-write FISA and the national intelligence legislation as it relates to foreign surveillance. They expect the president, any president, to get search warrants for international suspects. International. As if the administration is full of mind readers capable knowing exactly who will be at the other end of the telephone call. Unbelievable.

Alleged abuses of the current legislation? No. None to date. But, to just do what is working, what has been successful in thwarting plots to harm us, well, we can't have that. That's what the president wants so it automatically must be wrong. Object just for the sake of objecting.

The donkeys look like asses to me.

You will be able to rest easy now, though, because when Hillary is President, she wants to be the builder of a 'centrist coalition'. That, according to NewsBusters, will show old Hillary is just a uniter. Don't you understand that? "I intend to win in November 2008, and then I intend to build a centrist coalition in this country that is like what I remember when I was growing up."

When she was growing up? Like, when she was a Goldwater girl? Like when she volunteered for Republican campaigns in the suburbs of Chicago? Like, when the Dems had a 40 plus year death grip on Congress?

So much to look forward to, don't you think?


Frasypoo said...

The donkeys look like asses to me

That was funny!Is that a Southern saying ?
Seriously...Hillary has a very short term memory

Beverly said...

Yes, I like that statement quoted above as well.

Someone needs to put Jimma out of his misery.

Janie said...

Good post.'ve been tagged!

Tapline said...

PP, This is my first time here. It was an excellent read. Jimmy boy is part of the over the hill gang. Although he is doing some good around the world, he should stick to what he knows and that isn't human nature. He was an ineffective president and his foreign policy was a disaster. He gave Egypt and Israel millions when he brokered an agreement between them. Allowing our citizens to be held prisoners for a year, while he talked about it and rattled sabers, he did nothing but order a fiesco in the desert during a sandstorm, ending up with the death of an aircrew and probably more....what a mess....H certainly lives in a glass house and shouldn't throw stones. As for his remarks about the Sec of state, I think that the slap that she received from Middle East leaders and her throwing Israel under the bus was not the greatest foreign policy to follow, especially with that crowd. ....I ramble...stay well....

wordnerd said...

Um, Iran? The Panama Canal? Shut up, Jimma. We don't respect you any more now than we did then.