Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

President Bush attended a memorial service in Maryland Saturday at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. He's the first president to do so. As the official hugger in chief, he did himself proud taking time to personally console and hug families there to honor their dead. Bush has let me down in many ways, the sincerity of his compassion to those in pain is not one of the ways. There is no fake lip biting and phony tears on demand that we endured for the 8 years of the Clinton nightmare. Yeah, can't wait for the Hillary administration with all the usual cast of characters back in full swing.

Sandy, the burglar, Berger is officially an unpaid international policy advisor to the Hillary campaign now. Also, Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institute has been named a foreign policy advisor. That's going to tick off the Kos Kids and the others on the far left fringe. Guess they aren't as powerful as they thought they were. O'Hanlon, you'll remember was one who went to Iraq recently and came back admitting the surge is progressing along there. He's no Iraq war supporter, so his opinion made big news in the political world.

Also, where are all those good news stories of the successes of the surge? I noticed the begrudging story done by a McLatchey reporter in our Sunday paper about the ability to travel a road from Baghdad to Anbar provence now, where as a few months ago it was impossible to survive it with your life. And, night travel is possible in safety, too.

Barbara Starr of CNN, a woman covering the Pentagon for them, claims the progress is too new in the surge to claim enduring progress. Still rooting for failure, Barbara? Hang in there.

Rep. John "killing them in cold blood" Murtha has to testify in the civil trial filed against him by one of the Marines he tarnished as a murderer to the press. The charges are dropped, as are most of the ones filed against the other Marines involved in the Haditha investigation. Oops.

And, Bruce Springsteen? Shut up and sing. What a loser. Living large in the U.S.A. and claiming all the civil liberties are lost under this administration. As if he even knows what civil liberties he is entitled to, except the free speech thing. Did he even graduate high school?

I love when the super successful and large livers are spouting off about real life in America. As if. And for Scott Pelley, fan of the soul of Amajinidad, fawning all over Brucie to listen with a look of bliss on his face to all this dribble. Yuk.

Where was Brucie when the Clinton administration brought in rendition to the bag of tricks as official CIA policy? Oh, what, wasn't he paying attention to policies then? Wonder why that would be, hmmm. Just another over the hill rocker trying to be 30 again.

And, while we're at it, when was Blackwater, the current pinata of choice by the likes of nasty Henry Waxman, first hired on a government contract? During the Clinton years. They were hired after the bombing of the USS Cole. I guess that was when Clinton was told by his pollsters that he should do something to look into the terrorist attack.

And, just so you understand exactly how nasty Waxman is on his 'investigations' with his oversight committee in the House... He passed out a 5 page document written by himself and his staff on Blackwater to the committee questioning the owner of the company. It was a hit job on the owner and his family in Michigan. One page was the biography of his sister and his parents and their Republican party contributions. They have no part of Blackwater, but, what difference does that make? Atta boy, Henry. Hey, I thought it was the evil Bushies that were destroying personal privacy. Next thing you know they'll be stealing FBI files on Republicans. Oh yeah, Hillary broke that ground.

Ah, good times.


Kris, in New England said...

"...Yeah, can't wait for the Hillary administration..."

Um, I can. Forever.

Buck Pennington said...

Dang, Karen, this is about as good a general-purpose rant as I've read lately, and better than most!


Paul is a Hermit said...

I can't buy the Bush compassion thing anymore. Not when he cares more about the Mexicans held under Texas state law and less, much less, about their dead victims and families.
No cameras there.
No photo-op for hugs.
I can't wait for him to get out of office, I only hope he doesn't cause Hillary to win.

Springsteen is another of those, "Too important to risk his neck, let others die for him" celebrity types. If there is the slightest risk to their lifestyle, then they'll be the biggest cheerleaders, USO Tours, anything, so that volunteers stand in for them, even die for them.
For now though, it's cooler to stab them in the back.
I see some value to a dictator sending the elite to reeducation farms for a year or two. Bruce could wield a mean toilet brush.

Debbie said...

The official hugger in chief, I like that.

On Blackwater, I'm wondering who protected the lives of our politicians when they were in Iraq??? Just asking the question. It's not nice to bad-mouth your protectors.

Conservative Belle said...

"As if he even knows what civil liberties he is entitled to, except the free speech thing."

That made me spew my water. Too funny.

Paul is a Hermit said...

P.S., Laura Ingraham had John Bolton on yesterday discussing his former bosses instance that International law supersedes Texas state law regarding these rapists and killers who have been sentenced to death since 1990 or 1993.
I know you know a lot more, probably everything, compared to me but my point was these two little girls that were gang-raped and killed by these scum - The President seemingly disregards them and their families. He seems to be hugging the killers and of course, Mexico as he always appears to do. He's very selective in his sadness.

Not to mention the two border guards and their families.

Frasypoo said...

Please dont remind me .....of HC getting to be pres!
Thieves and scoundrels :thats all that they are and are sorrounded by

Michael said...

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial

I didn't know there was one. That's nice to know.

As for Springsteen, when celebrities pull crap like this, it just makes me happier than ever that my wife set eMule up on our computer.