Thursday, August 28, 2008

Convention Reading, Not Watching

While I am not abusing myself by watching the speeches during the evening Democrat convention coverage, I do read about them in the paper and online. It will be interesting to read the coverage tomorrow after the speech delivered by Obama in the stadium tonight. Delivered from a set built by Britney Spear's former set designer, rumor has it. The common folk are to be reminded of the Lincoln Memorial by the set.

Lincoln was a Republican. Obama's ancestors weren't slaves in America. Oops.

As Harry Reid was interviewed by a Las Vegas Sun columnist, Jon Ralston, he said John McCain "doesn't have the temperament to be president." Wow, Harry. That's original. And, while we're talking about temperaments, isn't the wonderful Bill Clinton still having red-faced fits of rage against perceived slights? I don't recall any angst about his temperament.

Jon Stewart spoke to reporters at a breakfast in Denver. From CNN's Political Ticker, "Even as Stewart shredded reporters for, in his estimation, getting too cozy with and used by political candidates, he readily admitted that candidates flock to his show to attract his much sought after younger audience. "It's just one part of their sales pitch," he said." These reporters realize Stewart is just a comedian (allegedly), don't they? He's not one of them.

Nancy Pelosi is being schooled by the Catholic bishops for her mumbo jumbo explanation of when life begins and her justification for her pro-choice stance on abortion. She sounded demented, as she usually does. She's never been mistaken as the sharpest tool in the shed.

Peggy Noonan has a good column in The Wall Street Journal on her notes from the convention so far. She clearly draws a distinction between how Democrats view Americans - dwelling on the single, working mom unrelentingly, the uninsured kids, and soldiers who need extra care. All legitimate issues, to be sure, but the Republicans show concern for women by speaking to the needs of lower taxes for the small businesses they start and run, for the average family budgeting and trying to keep excessive taxes paid as they send children to school and care for aging parents.

She concludes, "Neither party ever gets it quite right, the balance between the taxed and the needy, the suffering of one sort and the suffering of another. You might say that in this both parties are equally cold and equally warm, only to two different classes of citizens."

Speeches last night focused on foreign policy and national security, from what I've read. Critics say that the 'experts' were retired military with no real experience in the current wars. It was referred to as warmed over rhetoric from more than a year ago. One vet who retired in 1997 and hasn't been to Iraq or Afghanistan said the troops need relief from 18 month tours. The tours are 15 months and now are back to 12 months. Self appointed expert on all things, Joe Biden, a 6 term Senator bringing stability to the party nominee, said that Obama called for 2 battalions needed to be sent to Afghanistan a year ago. The correct term is brigade. Quite a correction in troops, Joe. Not a roaring start to his campaigning as he tries to put his habit of exaggeration behind him.

And, Senator Jay Rockefeller, D-WVA, weighed in with his usual criticism of McCain. "John McCain has served his country with honor. But his refusal to change course even in the face of the failed policies of Bush-Cheney is reckless and will not keep us safe." Here's the truth - McCain began disagreeing with policy after his first trip to Iraq in 2003. He called for more troops on the ground and was at odds with the administration, the Republican party and military commanders until January 2007 when Bush sent 20,000 more troops to Iraq. That's when the surge was allowed to succeed. Sorry, Jay. You look like a putz, as usual.

According to today's report by Robert Burns of AP, "Conditions in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, where a brutal insurgency once ruled, have improved so dramatically that the United States is handing over responsibility for security in the Sunni stronghold to Iraq within days. troops freed up in Iraq could shift to Afghanistan." So, there's that.

"A ceremony marking the Anbar turnover is expected to be held Monday, several U.S. and Iraqi officials said."

Did you hear that last night?


Jennifer said...

Lincoln was a Republican. Obama's ancestors weren't slaves in America. Oops.

All true. But the Lincoln Memorial *was* the site of MLK's 'I have a dream' speech 45 years ago today. Which, you know, is the symbolism behind the set and was the point of it.

There was an amazing film last night honoring veterans, made by Spielberg and narrated by Tom Hanks. Was incredibly moving.

I'm disappointed that you haven't watched any of the past four days for yourself. I would have been very interested in your commentary based on what you would have seen had you been open to watching. But then, I can't blame you. There will be little to hold my attention at next week's soiree.

Freadom said...

I pretty much do the same as you. It's too time consuming to listen to all these speeches. However, good analysis is fun to read, it's hard to come by.

Freadom said...

Personally, I would have loved to have watched the speeches, but the timing of this convention couldn't have been worse with school starting next week. Hmm, listening to Bill Clinton, or sitting on the deck with your wife on a beautiful evening????

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Iraq as fubar will be a tuff sell by the Donkeys this year.