Monday, August 04, 2008

Noreiga Still Saying Anything for Notice

Here's a video clip of Rick Noreiga, the Dem running for the Senate seat of incumbent Senator John Cornyn.

He refers to the President as "Mr. Bush" and he claims Senator Cornyn wants to sell "more crack to Texans." What a fool. Seems he believes even bad publicity is better than none.

Further proof that Noreiga doesn't have the speaking grace or verbal judgement to be the Texas Senator.


Layla said...

Forgive my sarcasm here Karen, but is the one that sounds like he is on crack. He would not be the first official to be caught doing so. Marion Berry is still Mayor of D.C. after having gone to jail for doing so.

So many idiots in this country running off at the mouth. I am surprised their mouths are not foaming from their rabid language!

Layla said...

Sorry, my bad - I meant to write:

"but he is the one.........."

Incognito said...

What an ass... will keep my fingers crossed for Cornyn!!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wow, is he playing political limbo or what?

sing along now...

how low can he go?