Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Debates and Fundraisers

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the selection of moderators for the upcoming three debates: Lehrer and Ifill from PBS; Brokaw from NBC; and Shieffer from CBS. Can't wait for the professional objectivity to flow from that line-up. Ifill, for example, recently penned an "upbeat" interview with the Obama family for Essence magazine. So, there's that.

Good to know Obama won't have to worry about probing questions from journalists like Jon Ralson. Ralson, a columnist in Las Vegas with a political discussion program on cable tv there, according to this blog interviewed Obama for his show recently. Obama was asked about his vote on the 2005 energy bill and didn't appreciate that at all. He referred to the interviewer as a 'proxy' for McCain, as a matter of fact.

"Hold on a second, Jon, I thought I was talking to you instead of debating John McCain, but I am happy to let you serve as his proxy." Wow.

Jennifer Rubin wrote in Commentary online about Obama's problem with thin skin when posed legit questions about his past votes or comments. "It really is a glaring problem in his whole New Politics formulation and his answer is weak (I tried to strip out the bad stuff) since he ultimately voted yes and has criticized McCain for doing the bidding of Bush/Cheney and the oil companies. It is easy to understand why he hopes the American people are uninterested."

Rubin finishes with "The real question for those debates in the fall is whether any of the moderators have the nerve to treat Obama the way he was in Philadelphia and the way he was in this interview: with the same skepticism, vigor and aggressiveness any candidate would receive. I'm betting "no.". Yeah, me too.

And, about the token claim that Obama is above being beholden to lobbyists like every other politician on the face of the earth: fab celeb George Clooney is holding a fundraiser for Obama on my son's birthday, September 2. In Switzerland. How suave and debonair. It's a two-partner. The reception with Clooney speaking will cost $1,000 per ticket. The dinner afterwards is at the home of Charles Adams with tickets available for only 75, at the cost of $10,000 each.

Who is Charles Adams, you may ask? A lobbyist/lawyer. Shocking, I know. He is the managing partner for Hogan & Hartson in Switzerland, a firm specializing in international legal services.

And, at the risk of offending the loyal, it was Clooney who referred publicly to Obama as a 'rock star' at the announcement of his endorsement in the early part of last year.


Kris, in New England said...

International legal services?

What does Obama need them for? Oh wait, that's right - he's not campaigning for President of the U.S. That's much too small and demur for the Obamamessiah.

He wants to rule the world.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Oh, yea Ralston goes after everyone, regardless of affiliation. He's a good reporter.

Beverly said...

Rock star...that's what I've called him all along. Blech!

Nikki said...

great article, I read it earlier. Obama is so spoiled and he acts like a child who is constantly used to getting his way. Far be it for him to be challenged. He will meet with rogue nation leaders but will not go on the O'reilly factor...seems odd for a person wanting to be the most powerful man in the world...kinda wimpy. :)N