Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today We Are All Georgians

President Sarkozy of France has brokered a ceasefire deal between Georgia and Russia. Once again proving western democratic thought wins out over aggressive totalitarianism. I would, however, like to thank Mr. Putin for focusing a segment of the American voting population on the differences in foreign policy between the two presidential candidates.

By overplaying his hand, the Russian with the Napoleonic complex presented the opportunity for John McCain to prove in real time that he is the calm and strong, experienced leader in the race for the White House. Oh, did you know he's been friends with the Georgian leader for the past 25 years? And, that he's been in daily contact with him throughout this war? Plus McCain has traveled to Georgia several times and understands history.

The first responses from the candidates told the story. As Roger Kimball so clearly writes, John McCain said,"Tensions and hostilities between Georgians and Ossetians are in no way justification for Russian troops crossing an internationally recognized border." He called on "Russia to immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces from the territory of Georgia."

And from Obama, "talks among all sides and said the United States, the U.N. Security Council and other parties should try to help bring about a peaceful resolution." "Obama looked forward to 'an international peacekeeping force' under 'an appropriate UN mandate.' McCain's web site includes his position.

Kimball writes that McCain has endorsed the joint statement of condemnation issued by the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and late last night the Obama campaign had him issue a similar statement now putting Obama's position almost identical to McCain's.

Kimball closes with, "On 9/11 we were grateful to have a leader who could distinguish between friends and enemies and who was not so crippled by moral relativism that he believed that victims should be equated with their victimizers. In 2008, we have a choice between 1) a man who knows evil and repudiates it and 2) a man who believes that there is "fault on both sides" and that discredited "progressive" institutions like the United Nations are better equipped to deal with disputes among sovereign nations than the nations themselves."

"Which would you choose?"

A daily read of mine of blogs always includes Bookworm's Room and besides the Kimball article referenced, other reads were included in her post today. Kimball's is one we completely agree on.

President Saakashvili wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal which was published yesterday. "If Georgia falls, this will mean the fall of the West in the entire former Soviet Union and beyond. Leaders in neighboring states -- whether in Ukraine, in other Caucasian states or in Central Asia -- will have to consider whether the price of freedom and independence is indeed too high."

While the far left deranged criticised President Bush for attending the Olympics, attending sports events and such, it is clear his presence was useful to Georgia in this act of war brought on my Putin's Russia. The deranged have already begun the cries that the 'neo cons' are to quick to speak boldly and demand Russia retreat. President Sarkozy was the front man in the official declaration of a cease fire today. It's been the new leaders of Europe who are very friendly to the U.S. and President Bush for that matter, that have taken control and that is a good thing. They prove that even a lame duck with low polling numbers can still make a difference.

Today at the huge rally in Georgia, many U.S. flags were waved and the officials made certain that the speeches were translated in English so that the Americans watching would understand their gratitude.

So, come November, who ya gonna call? The clear choice is McCain. This act of war proves all the carping that the Republicans will 'try to scare you' and use 9/11 references is more of the same from the deranged. Whether the left wants to remember or not, 9/11 did happen and the world is still an unstable place. The days of Clinton and his U.N. advocating Bill Richardson did not move the bar for good in the world. Richardson has only had his successes in events like mediating hostage releases when he has worked on his own, not as a mouthpiece for the U.N., yet there he was on the Sunday chat shows auditioning for Obama's administration pleading for the U.N. to handle the Russian's aggression. He hasn't learned a thing.

This kind of history can no longer be repeated. Today McCain said, "today we are all Georgians." Putin heard that loud and clear.


Beverly said...

Absolutely, we are. I think of my friends in Estonia and what must be going through their minds now.

Layla said...

Hi Karen,

I hope you and yours are well my friend.

You are completely correct. My father is originally from Lithuania, but he has an affinity with Georgia - the Ukraine - but he loathes the Russians since they are the reason my father and his whole family lost everything - it was the Russians turned many in Lithuania into the hands of the Nazi's in WW11. He recently sent me the pictures of his childhood home, no longer there. He said there is a factory built on the land now (he went back to visit in 1991).

My Dad is a dare devil and while there took Censna and purposely flew over Russia - I told him he was luck not to be shot down. He said he knew that, but did not care. He said it was his way to get even with the betrayers that caused so many to suffer. My uncle would have died if my Dad did not steal food out of the Nazi's kitchen while in the labor camp because my uncle would not eat. He was a vegan after WW11, my uncle that is - he never recovered fully.

The Russians (government I mean) are evil. I believe that Reagan is rolling in his grave.

What hypocrites - they never meant to work towards democracy. When will we learn? Now poor Georgia is suffering.

AI said...

What a clever title for the post... And the choice is, the man who recognizes "evil and repudiates it" in unequivocal terms!

Hope you check out my forthcoming post on U.S. warriors, should be up within 24 hrs…

Good posting Karen!

Karen said...

I always read your blog. You know you are a terrific thinker!

Nikki said...

Karen great post as usual! I ahve already seen the buzz on CNN and other news outlets that this will indeed help McCain. it is a reminder of the need for experience. The silence is deafening from the left of this "hitler" like attack...where are they to denounce such an invasion. or is it the US that gets those kinds of protests...:)N