Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain Up In Latest Polls

The just out Reuters/Zogby poll has John McCain up by 5 over Barack Obama. Plus, he is now seen as stronger on the economy than his rival. McCain polled 9 points higher than Obama when participants were asked who would be the best manager of the economy. This issue is stated to be the top concern of half of the voters.

An interesting reaction is being written on this poll. According to Reuters, "McCain has been on the offensive against Obama during the last month over energy concerns, with polls showing strong majorities supporting his call for an expansion of offshore oil drilling as gasoline prices hover near $4 a gallon." "Obama had opposed new offshore drilling, but said recently he would support a limited expansion as part of a comprehensive energy program. That was one of several recent policy shifts for Obama, as he positions himself for the general election battle. But Zogby said the changes could be taking a toll on Obama's support, particularly among Democrats and self-described liberals."

"That hairline difference between nuance and what appears to be flip-flopping is hurting him with liberal voters," Zogby said.

The pertinent part for me was the statement "The telephone poll of 1,089 likely voters had a margin of error of 3 percentage points." Likely voters responses are more vital than 'registered' voters responses to these polls.

Sure, it's just now becoming the time for people to begin to pay attention to the upcoming election. Summer is ending and life is going back to more normal schedules. Polls will show both candidates up and down until election day. Then the LA Times weighs in on the polling showing McCain's advancement. From an article in American Thinker by Thomas Lifson, it's all because McCain is 'attacking' Obama.

Never mind that the Obama campaign went negative first and the outside groups supporting Obama are particularly nasty - such as those running "Exxon John" ads and the continued manufactured notion that McCain would be "Bush's third term." Remember, it is McCain who has asked for some ads to be taken down. Obama hasn't made that request once.

Could it just simply be that voters are warming to McCain? Could it have been McCain's logical, measured responses to the rise of prices at the gas pump and to the beginning of the crisis in Georgia? Could it be the halo has dropped for the one for whom the media shills? The length of this campaign cycle is not to Obama's advantage.

Today in an article by Pam Meister for Pajamas Media, she writes of recent conversations with two friends. Both are Democrats and yet both are on the fence about supporting Obama. One is considering just staying home in November. The other may vote for McCain.

"Now, of course, this is not a scientific poll, just comments from two people I know. Yet these are not party insiders -- they're just regular folks like you and me, and they are having serious doubts about voting Democrat in November if Obama is on the ticket."

The friend who may stay home in November thinks, according to Meister, that Obama is hiding something and doesn't trust him. The author then goes through a list of points that have come to light recently:
* The fact that his boyhood mentor, Frank Wright, was a card-carrying communist.
* His questionable relationships with the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and others.
* Proof to the contrary of his self-proclaimed ability to bring bipartisanship and unity to Washington. According to David Brooks, D.C. Republicans say, "He (Obama) never worked with us... We've tried to have bipartisan backroom discussions where we just talk about things; he and his staff would never take part in those discussions."
* His inability to properly vet important advisers on his campaign, including those with questionable ties to the Countrywide mortgage scandal and the Muslim Brotherhood. If this is how he picks advisers, how will he choose cabinet members?

"Live by identity politics, die by identity politics. Meanwhile, rank-and-file Democrats who are uncomfortable with a candidate who has precious little experience in anything and worrisome personal connections will have some real soul-searching to do on November 4."

Get used to the 'attack' claims from the Obama campaign. Anything that sets a record straight, tells the truth about actual facts, or questions the opponent's judgement and leadership experience is called an 'attack'.

So be it.

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Chuck said...

I think Obama going negative is a huge mistake for him. He's the "change" candidate and his entire premise is based on this. Going negative will turn people off. Also it will keep them from taking the high road when the GOP goes negative.