Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Media No-Show for Noreiga Presser

What would happen if your campaign called a press conference and absolutely no local press came?

That's what happened to Rick Noreiga Monday morning at a health care clinic in east Houston. Scheduled for 9:00 this morning, only 6 people showed up for the presser. And, that number includes Noreiga staffers, clinic staff and one Cornyn campaign tracker. Not one media outlet showed.

How embarrassing. In a city that claims over 5 million residents, the greater Houston area, that's not so good for a Senate campaign. Especially a Senate campaign that the Washington Democrat establishment bragged would flood with money to oust sitting Senator John Cornyn. The Dems have pulled out all the stops - MoveOn type ads, Howard Dean visits, Senate Dem re-election campaign promises of funding, etc. Yet, since Noreiga has run a breathtakingly incompetent campaign, the fundraising has led to little success.

Seems the challenger wasn't quite so brave today either. His campaign announced that the 'open' press event was closed when no one showed up. Then, the campaign staff sent over a clinic staffer to ask the Cornyn tracker to leave.

Not such a strong voice to send to Washington, D.C.


Nikki said...

Pretty funny. Al Franken had the same problem when he planned a meeting with Veterans and only one showed up...its a message boys! :)N

Beverly said...

Oh my..makes me smile.

Paul is a Hermit said...

You can only hope his Election Day crowd is similar. Curious about how many votes will be cast by those not yet entitled.
I hope Sen. Cornyn has good poll watchers.
I just feel that nation wide, corruption at the polls is going to keep getting worse.

Karen said...

Indeed, Paulie. THere was an article in yesterday's paper that the Obama people are registering voters by trolling emergency rooms, free clinics and those venues. The last time we were in an emergency room here, we were the only ones speaking English.